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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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Getting to Know Melanie Nolt

When was the first time you started playing tennis?

I started playing seriously in 7th grade, I left behind 8 years of soccer to pick up a racquet.  My dad wanted me to play softball but I only wanted to bat which is exactly what tennis is

When did you realize you wanted to continue playing tennis in college?

I loved playing and didn’t want to stop if I could continue so I guess my senior year

How did you do in tennis in high school?

Led the team to 4 straight section titles, the last time they won the section was when my mom was on the high school team.  My freshmen year the team was runner ups at states, it was huge for us

You guys have won 9 straight, how do you plan on keeping this streak going? Any secret to it?

We’re going to keep working hard and coming prepared for every match. The secret is our team motto “get some”

Do you like playing singles or doubles better?

I would say Katie and I like doubles because of the greater opportunity to peg people, but I also like singles because you’re the only one in control

Whose your biggest rival in tennis?

Bloomsburg whose D2 and we sought revenge to defeat them 5-4 this season

Apparently you had an interesting summer job? What was it?

Hahaha I worked in a hot dog factory 9 hours a day where I saw 1000s of weiners. And yes, I still eat them

You wear some crazy shoes while playing, any reason why? Whats your favorite pair?

I’ve always liked the neon colors with my high black socks. I’m going to have to go with my most recent Babolat pair they’re black with hot pink and green

Favorite food?

Beef pot pie


Shaq because of Aaron Carter’s song

Favorite saying?

“You control what you can control” by Andre Agassi

Best Wilkes memory?

Every night I spend with my friends, it’s always a good story the next day

When you were little what did you want to grow up and be?

FBI agent, I had tons of spy gear

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