Faceoff-Hall of Fame Snubs and Inductees

The Hall of Fame class of 2012 features six inductees that may be worthy. However there are others that deserve this distinction more.  While I believe all of these athletes should be in the Hall of Fame, I believe there were better choices that deserved induction first.
Curtis Martin heads the class and deservedly so, as he is 4th on the all time rushing list.   Martin is by far the most recognizable and memorable name on this list which includes: Chris Doleman, Cortez Kennedy, Dermontti Dawson, Willie Roaf and Jack Butler.  Roaf and Dawson are offensive linemen and on the all decade team for the 1990s. They also are perennial pro bowlers, which is one of the only ways to really remember offensive lineman.  Chris Doleman is a defensive end who recorded 150.5 sacks for his career, 4th all time, and more than deserving for the Hall of Fame.

Jack Butler is the most questionable on this list, Butler played in the 1950’s for the Steelers, Butler has 52 career interceptions which is high for only playing 9 seasons.  He was elected by the Hall of Fame veterans committee.
As good as all these players are the Snub list is defiantly more recognizable.  Jerome Bettis, the 5th leading rusher all time, two-time Super Bowl winning coach Bill Parcells and Chris Carter who is 4th all-time in receptions and 8th all-time in receiving yards.  These three are the reason for all the controversy.

All three are easily more recognizable and more important to the game of football that most of the inductees.The omission of Parcells especially is a mystery given the fact he single handedly rebuilt four separate franchises from nothing. Parcells left every team in better shape than he found them in.  This presents a problem for the football Hall of Fame, next year several big names are up for their first ballot including Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan and Jonathan Ogden.  With the ability to only elect five players per year, and a sixth with the veterans committee, there simply is not enough slots for great players.  Football unlike baseball or basketball has twenty four different positions not including coaches and owners.  This is a big problem because there are simply not enough slots to elect all the great players; this creates a log jam and prevents guys like Chris Carter and Bill Parcells from actually getting in as quickly as they should.

Justin’s Take

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is the biggest distinction a player can recieve. A ball player becomes immortalized and they are placed in a hall of gods.
I agree with all the inductees this year.
Curtis Martin is the biggest name elected to the hall this year. I would not say he was snubbed in his first year of eligibility, just merely overlooked.
He was on mediocre New York Jet teams, that usually underachieved. Martin quietly rushed for over a 1,000 yards a handful of times, putting him at 4th on the all-time list.
He was never a flashy player or a loud mouth running back. He worked hard and had continued success in his years in New York. As much as I dislike the Jets, i respect Curtis Martin, and he is more than deserving to be enshrined.
Willie Roaf headlines the big guys this year. Offensive lineman are sometimes overlooked when the greatest players are ranked. Roaf was a multiple time Pro-Bowler and was recognized as an all decade team member. He is also very deserving of the enshrinement.
This year’s class featured a bunch of defensive players. Chris Doleman had over 150 sacks and Seattle Seahawk great Cortez Kennedy was also a multiple time Pro-Bowler and named to the all decade team.
Jack Butler is also a defensive great that is being enshrined. He recorded over 50 interceptions when he played.
Now it’s time for the snubs.
As much as my hatred runs deep for Bill Parcells, the guy deserves to be in the hall. He won two Super Bowls. Super Bowls define a coach’s career, expecially if he is a multiple time winner.
Chris Carter was also snubbed. The guy is top five interceptions, and top 10 in recieving yards. He is a great commentator, and all-around good person. He should have been elected to the hall.
The reason for so much controversy is that next year’s class will be one for the ages.
Michael Strahan and Warren Sapp are both eligible next year. These two are amongst the greatest defensive lineman all time. With their sack totals in the hundreds, they are shoe-ins for the hall.
Raven great Jonathan Ogden is also eligible. He is a Super Bowl winner, and was an anchor for great Raven teams.
Parcells and Carter are going to have a tough time getting elected next year. Eventually both of them will have their spot in Canton, but when is the biggest question.