Getting to know…Ryan Wilson

Phat Nguyen, Sports Editor

Meet Ryan Wilson, one of the senior captains of the Wilkes wrestling team. Leading by example, Wilson has had a strong start to the season. The wild thing’s only weakness is furry animals.

Major: Business Administration concentration in marketing
Hometown: Wall Township, N.J.

Why did you choose to come to Wilkes? It was a good balance between academics and athletics.

What was the outlook of the team when you were looking to come to Wilkes? They were trying to establish an identity when I got here. I think we have more a of a reputation as a contender now. We’re more successful now.

I’ve heard that Coach slager doesn’t like to name captains. What’s it feel like to one of the three captains named this year?  It feels very good. I take it as an honor, but with that come a lot of responsibility. I have to make sure I’m leading the guys in the right direction. It makes me a better person as I’m a role model.

Do you follow WWE? Not really.

Who do you like in the MMA? I am a big fan of Randy Couture. I follow a lot of ex-NCAA wrestlers. I follow them through college wrestling.

What would your nickname be?
The Wild Thing.

How much does wrestling help a MMA fighter? It sets a good foundation. It gives a kill or be killed mentality. That or Judo is probably the most similar.

Two years ago at the Monarch invitational you placed 3rd. This past weekend you walked away the champion. What does that feel like? It feels like everything went right. I stayed focused and. It was my first tournament victory.

What were the first thoughts in your head when you realized you won your first individual college title? Right away it wasn’t a big of a joy. I wrestled one of my teammates in the finals.

Who did you wrestle? Jeff Peterson.

How close of a match was it? It was a one point match. You know what the other guys going to do. He made one little mistake and I capitalized on it. Wrestling your teammates is always a close match. You have to be perfect because they know your strengths and weaknesses.

How does it feel to see all 11 guys finish in the top five or better? As a starter it shows that everyone’s doing the things they need to do to be successful. It shows that everyone’s competing and winning. It shows that we’re doing everything to start the season off right.

Is there a signature move that you like to use to win with? It’s not a match ender, but I certainly look for a front headlock on a guy. It’s not the type of thing where I’m going to pin the kid and end the match, but it’s something that I’ve always been successful with. The guys who I am usually able to do this on for the most part I can beat them with ease. The guys that stop that give me a little more trouble.

What would you do if you won $1,000? First thing that I would buy would be a GoPro. It’s a type of camera you would mount. A GoPro and a new surf board.
What is your favorite class at Wilkes so far? Dr. Emmory’s BA 153. It’s an alternative for IME. He did a really good job of relating real life situations in class. That was the class that got me into wanting to become a business major. It was the most interesting and most fun. I started as a history major.
Were you always at the same weight class? I started at 133, but last year I moved at 141. It’s only one weight class jump. It’s hard for me to maintain my weight at 133, so 141 has been a good weight class for me.
What sport does wrestling most relate to? Any kind of martial arts.  It requires a great deal of energy and discipline especially with dieting. It takes a lot of your energy than you think just focusing on what to eat and how to train.
I hate when people…add their Facebook status and think that they’re changing the world.
I hate when…I’m at a bar/restaurant when I’m sitting down, done eating, but forced out of the door. I hate that.
People always come to Ryan Wilson for…a good time.
What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you? I am deathly afraid of furry animals.
What is one thing that you’re thankful for? Family and friends. I’m very family orientated and glad to have my family.

What’s your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Deep fried turkey.
Really? Yeah, we do two turkeys. We have a really big family. One is oven baked, and the other is deep fried. Actually we started doing two deep fried, because it’s a little juicier.
Who would be the toughest guy to wrestle who’s not in your weight class? Certainly, Anthony Dattolo. He’s the best wrestler on the team.
What’s something that not a lot of people know about you? I’m deathly afraid of furry animals like dogs and cats.
Furry animals, how so? I got attacked by a dog when I was young and never got over it. I’ve hated them ever since.