Who has been the most disappointing NFL team so far?

Justin Franiak/Joe Pugliese, Asst. Sports Editor/Correspondent

Justin Franiak:

The obvious choice for most disappointing in my eyes is Philadelphia Eagles. They have not lived up to the hype of the “Dream Team,” and are consistently underachieving.

The Colts have also produced a lack-luster start to the season, but with Peyton Manning missing, this may be a year where tanking is expected.

The St. Louis Rams have also not managed a win this year, after last year’s stellar performance by Sam Bradford, where the rookie almost led them to the playoffs.

The Chiefs also are having a bad year, after making the playoffs for the first time in a while, because three of their star players have torn their ACLs. With so much focus on the downfall of the Eagles, Rams, Chiefs and Colts, people are missing the poor performances of other teams who were expected to come out hot.

I believe the Minnesota Vikings are this year’s most disappointing team so far. A few years removed from an almost trip to the Super Bowl, the Vikes do not look like their fabled past. Ever since Brett Favre left town, the Vikings haven’t been the same. Last year they finished 6-10, granted they were playing with a terrible quarterback.

The addition of Donovan McNabb, this off-season provided Minnesota with a hope of a better year. Vikings fans were ecstatic to see another proven veteran quarterback come to Minnesota to pair up with arguably the game’s best running back in Adrian Peterson.

The rushing offense of the Vikings is not the problem thought, it’s the passing game. Donovan McNabb threw for 39 yards in one game this year, and let’s faces it, that doesn’t cut it in the NFL. The defense is also letting the Vikings down.

The big men up front on the defensive line are doing their job. They rank among the top in stopping the run, but teams are throwing all over them. They are ranked 31st in total passing yards, but 3rd on overall running offense. They are 24th in pass yards given up, but are 5th for rushing yards given up. The Vikings just aren’t the team they used to be. It seems to be a tale of two teams; their inconsistency is what kills them.

Now that Donovan McNabb is benched, the rookie Christian Ponder is the starter. I am very high on Ponder and loved him in college, but putting a rookie behind a tired offensive line just isn’t a smart move.

Joe Pugliese:

The most disappointing NFL team so far is the Colts.  There is no question that at 0-6 the Colts are one of the worst and most disappointing teams in football.  The Colts have won 12 games, 10 of the last 11 years and with exception of the Patriot, they have been the only automatic playoff team in the NFL.

While Peyton Manning was questionable heading into the season, many, including myself, believed he would not miss a game. The fact is he will most likely miss the rest of the season. Even without Manning, the Colts have multiple pro bowlers on offense and defense including Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis and “Mr. Clutch” Adam Vinatieri.

Anyone would reasonably say that the Colts are still an above average team given the amount of talent on the roster.  When news came that Peyton Manning would be out for the majority of the season it was certainly a shock and expectations were lowered, but no one could ever think that 0-6 was a possibility.

Kerry Collins was signed and is a veteran quarterback that many thought could lead the team and make some plays, but he has done just the opposite.  Collins suffered an injury and Curtis Painter has taken the reigns but he has fared no better.  The Colts have lost four of their six games by one score or less.  With Peyton Manning there is no doubt the Colts would be 5-1 and well on their way to another 12 win season but that is not the case.  There is no doubt that Manning is the single most valuable player to his team in any sport.

It solidifies the fact that Manning is the best QB in history. Manning is the ultimate MVP and without him the Colts are showing they are a totally different team.   While there are other teams that have been disappointing in the NFL, they are not quite on the same level.

The “Dream Team” Eagles have been a disappointment at 2-4 but are only two games out of first place in a lackluster division.  The St. Louis Rams are certainly a disappointment at 0-5 but they have had a brutal schedule and were also seen as a “work-in progress team” and not expected to be a contending playoff team.

Miami had no expectations, and while the Vikings are a disappointment, they have become the underachiever and train wreck of the NFL the last few years in a very tough division with the Bears and Packers.

The absence of Manning has revealed more problems than many imagined with the Colts, an aging offensive line, no heir to the Manning thrown, and a defense that is undersized and has poor fundamentals like tackling.  The Colts are in serious trouble if Manning’s injury is career ending, the only possible hope in sight is if they get the #1 overall pick in the draft, maybe then their Luck will change.