Getting to know…Katy Fissel

Phat Nguyen, Sports Editor

Meet Katy Fissel, a senior integrative major of the women’s soccer team. The senior captain has high hopes to lead the Lady Colonels to goals of a regional and eventual national ranking. The first team all-MAC performer was sidelined last year after tearing ligaments in her ankle, but is now back in action leading the team with two goals and six points. Even a little flood could’t stop her.

Major:  Integrative Media

Age: 21

Where is your hometown? Moorestown, NJ. It’s about two hours from here.

What sealed your decision to come to Wilkes? I was recruited by coach John Sumoski  in high school…most intriguing coach and I wanted to play in college.

What made you want to do integrative media? I was undecided when I got here. Freshman year, I saw a couple people on my dorm floor working on graphic design, and I started getting into art and design. Jess Gannon, who was a senior on the soccer team at the time, also showed me some of her work.

Are you working on any cool projects? I just finished a magazine project for the women’s soccer team, and I did a highlights promo video too.

What’s it like working as a photographer for FotoFink? Mr. Fink is very helpful. He’s taught me a lot more than I could learn on my own by taking photos especially like things like the process of photography.

So is the FotoFink gig more like an internship or a job? It’s kind of like an in-between. I go out to take pictures when I can. It’s nice. When I do bigger tournaments and games, he pays me.

As a freshman, you were named 2nd team all-MAC. As a sophomore, you were 1st team all-MAC. How much did it hurt you to only be able to watch last year? Last year, I came into the season really fit, pumped and ready to play. I had a lot of goals to reach and then went I got hurt, I was just devastated.

I hate to bring up horror stories but remind everyone what kept you out last year: I tore ligaments in my ankle in the first half of the first game when I went up for a header. I went down hard and was out for season. It ended up with me being out for the entire year, but I actually redshirted, so I can play next year.

How excited are you to get back now? Yes, I’m very excited. It was long year.

Is there’s a chance that you’ll be back next year? There’s good chance I might be back an extra semester.

You guys were picked 3rd in a preseason poll. How does that feel to be considered one of the top teams? I think we’re all really excited to be up there, and we’re all ready to achieve higher standards.

What did it feel like to hit that late goal? We felt like we were playing really well. Our possessions were good. I had a couple chances early, but I was putting them over the net. Then there was this great touch by Priscilla [Bonilla] and through ball from [Alicia] Roberts I knew we didn’t have much time left. It was a great feeling getting that first goal of the season. I know there’s a lot of it to come.

What kind of movies do you like? I like comedies and chick flicks.

What have you seen recently? I really liked “Something Borrowed.” I really want to see “Bridesmaids.”

What’s it like being named Freedom Conference player of the Week along with your teammate Sam Lindo? I think that’s great for our team and the face of our team. I think it really shows a lot of our dedication I haven’t been able to show my strengths since I got hurt. I’m really happy for Sam because she didn’t get much time last year, and she has come right into things now.

What are you listening on your iPod before games? Mostly classics like “Heart of the Champion”… the Gatorade “G” clapping song gets me in the zone

What do you guys do to improve team chemistry? We like to eat most of our meals together in the cafe, and in preseason we’ll make t shirts and things like that.

Does the team have any traditons before games? We come out holding hands to the game, no one hits the wall like football.

Have you taken up more leadership on the team? I’ve been captain since the spring of my sophomore year with Megan Clementson. Our coach helps with that leadership session.

Who’s your favorite teacher on campus? Sara Pisarcheck, she’s into graphic design so she helps because I didn’t know much about the program when I got here. Sara wants to get your name out to there with all these internships. Some people have gotten big jobs after graduation. She always is helping a lot of people with the real world now.

How do you feel about Rubie the IM dog? I love the dog being down there with us. She makes us happy whenever we see her.

Do you ever feed her? No, I don’t feed her. (laughs) I know not to feed them when you have a dog yourself.

Is there any reason why you rock the #8? It’s just always been my number. There’s no real background to it. Once I got to college though, it’s been mine.

What are some of your goals for the team? I want to be nationally ranked, or at least regionally ranked. I want to show everyone what we’re made of .

How does the team get ranked? I think it depends on our record. I’m not sure if they take the points differential into consideration. We’re 4-2 right now, so basically we just have to win the next two or three games. We want to win every game.

How do you like Hope Solo’s chances on “Dancing with the Stars”? I haven’t watched it yet, but I see her on Twitter promoting it. I love twitter. I want to see what she’s made.

Most people complain about bandwagons, but I really believe that getting a bandwagon of fans for soccer could do so much for women’s soccer in the states. What do you think professional women soccer players could do to keep America interested? I think women should stay around and get more girls to games like that. And have teams travel and do camps keep people interested.

What’s an interesting fact about you that no one knows? I’m a big freak about being organized. Everything at my desk is very particular. Some people find it funny. Back in freshmen year, my roommate Megan Clemmontson borrowed my stapler and put it back facing the other way. I knew because I always have my desk work all set out and my stapler is facing the other way. Every time I tell that story people laugh at me. I don’t know anything else that’s funny.

Tell us five things about yourself: I’m always happy and optimistic. I love being a leader, I’ll always stand my ground, and I love community service and volunteering.