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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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Getting to know … Andrew Asare

Age: 19

Major: Mechanical Engineering

How do you pronounce your last name? It’s actually (uh-sar-ee), but most people say (uh-say-er)

Where is your hometown?  You know how you guys have states out here? Well I live in the eastern region Apredia up in the mountains. It’s just like Wilkes-Barre, cold and rainy.

Did you have any nicknames? The team calls me Africa. Back in Ghana they used to call me “Gatuso” like the Italian player who plays hard and goes in on tackles.

What’s it like having your brother on the team now? He’s part of my motivation. I want to see him play, so I need to score a couple goals so he can step in. He’s working hard and trying to break into the first team. If he and Jim could get in the middle of the field, oh man.

So your brother plays defense, and you play forward, so who wins that battle one on one? I’ll beat him every time!

Break down how that first goal of the season was scored: Mike Turner ran with the ball down to the corner. When I checked in, TJ sent me the thru ball, and it almost slipped away, but I took a chance and just took my shot. No problem.

What did it feel like hitting that first goal for the season? It was good to make the first shot. It took the pressure off the team. Everyone wanted that first goal. It was nice scoring a goal for the team. I didn’t score too many last year and I’m really trying to score more this year.

So you scored three last year, and you already have two in the first two games.  How many will you finish with? Maybe six, seven or eight goals this year.

I heard : Coach was telling me every time I tell Eric (last name) the freshman to warm-up, that’s when I score a goals. When I look and see “oh, he’s warming up,” I better go score.

In every game you scored a goal in last year, you guys went undefeated. What happened that first game this year? The 1st game we played we should’ve won, but it was a close game.

So Who’s the best player on the team not named Asare? (laughs) That’s a hard question! I’m not sure.

Give me the top three guys on the team then in no order: James Moran, Joe Brennan and Colby Gehers

Who’s the fastest player? Joe Brennan.

Is he even faster than you? I think so. (laughs)

What’s your favorite food? Jollof rice. It’s like orange rice. Fufu which is like pounded yam.

What’s your favorite American food? I like burgers. I prefer Red Robin over McDonald’s.

What’s the worst food you’ve had? Everything on campus is bad. I don’t eat from the café, it makes me sick.

Do you have any pregame rituals? I like to eat oats, and I like to listen to local African Music. You wouldn’t know him, but Somai Jan.

What’s the weirdest American custom that you’ve come across? Drinking while watching football games, what’s the point? If you’re drunk, how are you going to know what’s going on?

Who are your favorite soccer players? Tierry Henry and Cedric Fabrigas.

So no love for US players? (laughs) No love.

What would you do to help us out if you could give Team USA a few pointers? I think US players go into opposition giving too much respect. For example, the game at Muhlenberg, everyone was so tense just because they were ranked nationally. You just need to play your game. We would take a touch then give it up. We can’t be one touching the ball so much. Don’t respect the team so much that you’re panicking. Go into the game like you’re going to win. Why would you play otherwise? To play soccer you need to be good. If you’re not, you’re not going to be playing. Once you give them too much respect, you already lost the game.

What sport would you be playing if you weren’t playing soccer? In high school I played more basketball than soccer. I was hurt during soccer season.

Who can you compare you basketball skills to? Chris Paul.

How long have you been playing soccer? Since middle school

What are your goals this year? To make the MAC tournament.

Describe yourself in 5 words: I never-back-down, I’m aggressive, determined, romantic and outgoing.

Romantic? You know a lot of girls will be picking this up right? Yeah, but I’m out of cash at the moment.

What should people do when if they see you on campus? Just come talk to me. I’m a cool guy. If you see me around on campus, just say hi.

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