The Matt Fox Experience is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience


The Matt Fox Experience is an experimental electronic fusion project based out of Moonachie, New Jersey.

It is headed by songwriter and lead vocalist Michael ‘Shred’ Spadavecchia and the project focuses on the life and daily activities of a certain Matthew Dean Fox.

Their discography spans four albums: The Matt Fox Experience, Matt Fox: Graduation Day, A Very Merry Matt Fox Christmas Spectacular and f r a n k . The fourth album differs from the first three as it is focused primarily on a person named Frank.

“This album is dedicated to the one person who has been through everything. Through thick and thin, through the toughest of times and the easiest of times. This album is dedicated to the person who has sat through every single Matt Fox song and has enjoyed every one of them, and has been the most inspiring and helpful person to work on this entire experience. Without this person, none of this would have happened. Because this person has been the top contributor to all of this,” according to the album intro.

f r a n k . was released June 4, 2017 and spans 16 songs and has a runtime of about 45 minutes. Some of the songs include “Frank Brushes His Teeth,” “Bongos,” “Toast” and “Space Pirates.” The songs have an interesting mix of various fusion and electronic sounds from some sort of computer music-making software.

Spadavecchia doesn’t have the best voice, but he does make up for it with heart. His vocal range goes anywhere from a soft high pitch to a spoken narrative. Other songs he adopts a deeper voice and in another he’s a mumbling pirate. The guy tries, and it’s obvious he’s having a lot of fun behind the mic.

Some of the instrumentation includes electronic keys, synths, funky guitars and drum beats. It sounds like the kind of stuff you would hear from a retro video game from the 80s.

“The Matt Fox Experience is one of the greatest and most compelling musical ventures of all time,” said Andy Severino, a junior environmental engineering major who went to high school with the guys involved with the Matt Fox Experience. “It feels good knowing that the work done on this album will deeply affect people on an emotional level for generations to come.”

The album goes through a day in the life of the eponymous Frank. He makes toast, brushes his teeth, goes to school and eats lunch. The lyrics are very upbeat and positive, telling the listener to go to school and maintain good hygenic practices. They also tell the listener the dangers of sleeping in and the importance of making sure you eat lunch.

The album has a short intermisson, which is followed by several songs about Matt Fox. There are also songs about space pirates, bongos, pyromancy and the play button.

Overall, f r a n k . is a fun album about someone who seems like a very upstanding guy. While the Matt Fox Experience hasn’t released any new material in almost two years, I will definitely be keeping an eye out should anything new come out.

Parker’s Picks: “Wake Up,” “Matt Fox & The Banana Gods,” “Matt Fox Ordering a Pizza,” “Frank Goes to School,” “Funky Frank”