Meet the Majors: Integrative Media

Every week, The Beacon will offer a chance for majors to be placed in the spotlight. Each student that gets chosen will have a few words to express why they chose the major and how they feel it will benefit them in the future.

Seth Turnage- Junior

I picked digital design and media arts because I have a bit of a history in drawing. I have been drawing since I was three and I really want to expand into more digital realms and expand skills.

Rashmiere Jones- Freshman

I like digital design because I like to design things and create things that will help people in their marketing endeavors.

McKaylah Dekay- Junior

I came in being very artistic, so I wanted to find something to help me find a career in that. I thought graphic design would be a good path for me.

Lamont Brown- Junior

I picked IM becuase I was a very creative kid growing up. Once I got to show my creativity to the world I choose IM because it was the best way for me to put my foot forward.