Meet the Majors: Neuroscience

Every week, The Beacon will offer a chance for majors to be placed in the spotlight. Each student that gets chosen will have a few words to express why they chose the major and how they feel it will benefit them in the future.

Leana Pande- Junior

Leana is a neuroscience major  and a minor in psychology. “Neuroscience is fascinating to me as a subject, where biology explains ideas that I used to always used to think were abstract like thoughts and human behavior.” She is in pre-med and plans to be a neurologist, and believes the information she learns will become helpful for her chosen specialization. “The very idea that a brain lesion or a tumor can completely change the way somebody acts, or that different artists used to potentially paint differently because they had synesthesia, is interesting to me.”

Emerald is a neuroscience major and a minor in sports psychology. “The inner workings of the mind has always intrigued me since I was in middle school, and through neuroscience I can discover more ways to help people.” She is active and is curious about what drives athletes to make certain decisions. She also hopes to work in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. “I hope that I can further scientific progress on the neural systems within the body and encourage others to keep searching for breakthroughs in the neuroscience community.”