Can men be emotional?

Can men be emotional? Of course! As long as they show emotion in the stereotypical sense of how a man should act. There is a pressure to be seen as tough and strong while being stern and reserved. Most men want to be perceived as someone who does not complain when they are hurt and keeps everything inside.

To be fair, there really should not be categories for how a men or women should specifically act. There are billions of people on the planet, and to simply say to half, “act this way” and the other half “do this” would simply not work.

On the other hand, if some sort of genderless alien were to come to Earth and ask 100 people, “How does a man act differently than a women?” there would surely be certain answers that would reoccur.

Why is there a need to be seen in this certain image?

“You do _____ like a girl” is supposedly one of the biggest insults you can say to a man. You’re told to “man up” all the time as well in situations that require determination and strength. Do women not possess these characteristics?

Of course they do, and in my own personal opinion, women are way tougher than men to begin with. Only women can make children, including men, and from what I have heard the process is quite excruciating. This still hasn’t stopped women from doing the job for thousands of years.

Also being told “no” for just about as long hasn’t stopped woman from now running huge companies, or even starting up their own money-making endeavors. In terms of the business world men and woman are closer to equals than they ever have before.

So why can men not show their emotions? The real answer is that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for a man to show what he is feeling on the inside.

After reading a few articles in preparation for writing my own, I have found out that it is a scientific fact that men feel all the same things women do. We feel the same emotions during the same parts of life to the same intensity. The only difference is that men are better are masking those emotions, feeling we have to keep up the façade of being these “macho men.” It is now time to shed these masks.

This is a scary enough world as it is, and to have to be all alone on a metaphorical island, holding all your feeling in would be horrible. It is time men put down this vendetta to be the all star super macho man supreme and got in touch with their emotional side. All that means is that you are trying to undertand why you are acting the way you are acting, or feeling the way you are feeling.

It is not about being an emotional man, it is about being people who are in touch with themselves, and therefore have a clear understanding and healthy outlet, for said emotions.