The controversial use of steroids in sports

Steroids are becoming a very controversial topic in modern society.

Very controversial usually means a strictly defined argument, binary that is. Either you are for the use of such drugs or against.

It must be stated that this discussion involves the role steroids play in the aesthetic and self enhancement aspect of society.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the medical application of steroids, that is necessary and a completely different discussion.

Anabolic steroids, the ones used by abnormally large muscle seeking humans, were first heard of in the 1930s when it was discovered they could increase skeletal muscle in rats.

Once isolated, bodybuilders and the like saw an opportunity or even more so, an edge on the competition.

This sparked a rage of conflict throughout the playing field of fairness.

Next was something that really hit close for people at home, sports. Once the realization came that you could be faster, stronger, and better than your body would ever naturally allow then the choice was simple. Inject and grow to win.

The average size of an NFL player in 1950 was 215 pounds (for all positions). Fast forward to today and that number has skyrocketed to 240 pounds (that is on the smaller end of things).

Not only that, but the average BMI (body mass index) has gone from 24 to 28 which indicates that these players are obese on the average human body scale.

Clearly they are not obese so why is the table of height to weight ratio saying so? Because these men are are doing things the human body was not made to do.

A 330 pound man is not meant to move 40 yards in under 4.8 seconds. I took some physics and the force provided by such a mass is nothing shy of inhuman.

This example is the exact controversy that such a drug presents us.

Now, I am not saying someone with such stats must be on steroids. What I am saying is it takes a lot less reps and substantial less work to do such a thing with the aid of steroids.

It is evident that high class and even olympic level athletes are taking these drugs. It is our turn to make a decision on the matter and this is where things become blurred.

We give higher regard to certain individuals of society opposed to others, almost as if they do not take body enhancing drugs at all.

Arnold Schwarzenegger because he a is walking statue with a smile, Sylvester Stallone because he took out Apollo Creed, and Justin Gatlin because he beat Usain Bolt.

Steroids can not be a person to person treatment. They can not be a reflection of what makes us feel better about ourselves. Steroids are nice when it wins your team the Superbowl or your country a gold medal, but they are cheating when it is the russians or Barry Bonds.

Clearly put, they should be as legal as marijuana. The social standards are alike and so are the repercussions. Either we see what the human body is capable of or we let our morals choose who is allowed to win. The situation is hypocritical in itself and the longer society wants “their guy” to win, the longer opposing greats will be to blame for the mass act done behind doors.