The importance of an internship beneficial, positive real world experience

When looking back on your college career or looking forward toward it, you may think what the most important thing of college was, besides the degree of course.

You may look back on a trip you took or a party you went to and enjoyed. I believe the most important thing you can do in college is to obtain an internship. Does it look great on a resume? Yes. But this is some of the most important practice you can have before entering your prospective job field after graduating college.

The great news about an internship is what I mentioned earlier, practice. An internship gives you real world experience – you can always try to simulate this experience but it usually does not equal the same thing. I have had my own internship for two months now and there are situations that I have never had to face while participating with my extracurricular activities at Wilkes.

With my current internship I realize how much of a high pressure environment the television world can be. However, I was prepared for that kind of atmosphere so it did not phase me. But everyone is different. That’s another reason why an internship is so important, you may be studying a certain field and then you have the chance to intern in that field. You may realize that this is a field that you are not interested in or you do not have what is needed to be successful in this field.

I have also learned through my internship how full your plate always is, but you are always able to achieve success if you have the determination needed.

Another great reason to sign up for an internship is the networking opportunities that can arise. These opportunities to meet people can pay off in the future when you enter the job field or changing careers later down the road. 

The opportunity for a job opening can also occur while you are working as an intern. This can give you a step up on the competition that will be applying for the same position because you will know exactly what the company is looking for. They also know who you are and do not have to spend time researching you or studying your resume as they most likely have a copy of it already.

When you are thinking about looking for an internship, take the time to look at the positives and the negatives. Most likely the positives will win and you will be able to get much needed real world experience.