Even if you’re feeling the blues, vote blue, too

I’ll make it no secret, I am a liberal. To break it down: Socially I’m very left wing progressive, fiscally I’m a bit more middle ground.

I’ll also make it abundantly clear that I am deeply rooted in the Hillary Clinton camp. She’s my number one choice in the race for president in 2016.

My support for Hillary is not built on the idea that I don’t like Bernie Sanders, or Martin O’Malley – they both have my respect and admiration. It’s not that Hillary Clinton is a woman. It’s not even the past Clinton Presidency that pulls my support for the former Secretary of State.

My reasons for supporting her are that she aligns quite well with my political leanings, makes compassionate pleas for action, is able to compromise with the GOP when acceptable and that she has proven that she can weather the storm, even when the waters gets choppy (Anyone remember Benghazi?).

She has proven to be the stable and experienced candidate in a race where the other side has the bigoted businessman, Donald Trump as their frontrunner and Ted Cruz vying for second place, a man whose only accomplishment is shutting down the entire government because he didn’t get his way.

Yet, despite my adoration and commitment to Hillary, I’d proudly vote for Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley any day over what the Republicans are offering us. I’m here to make the case for you to do the same.

Recently I have seen a growing number of very fervent Bernie Sanders’ supporters boldly state that they will not vote at all, or will cast their vote in favor of a Republican candidate in the general election, if Sanders does not win the nomination from the Democratic Party.

This is an unacceptable tone from an American citizen, and sadly it is most vocal from college aged voters, people just like us. This is something that I don’t believe I have ever seen from the Democratic Party, and while it shows a strong interest from youth voters, it also exposes signs of weakness and petty behavior in the Democratic Party, and in the Millennial Generation.

This election is not a joke, or a way to voice your anger that you didn’t get what you want. Your responsibility as an American citizen is to cast a vote for the candidate that you truly support, as this person will carry the country for at least the next four years.

If you’re a young voter and you are reading this, I implore that you vote for a candidate that, if not your first choice, at least stands behind the core values you hold close to your heart.

If you don’t, you are wasting a chance to share the future for the better. Don’t take this election for granted. Make a difference and vote for the greater good.