Taking a Stand against Cyber-Bullying

Mandy Stickles, Assistant Opinion Editor

Bullying is an ongoing struggle, and over the past few years has also become problematic online. It is time to take a stand and speak out against cyber-bullying.

Coca-Cola addressed this issue in their 2015 Super-Bowl commercial, titled “#MakeItHappy.” It started off with a young man on a computer receiving hurtful remarks online such as; “I hate you,” “Loser,” “Freak,” etc., the commercial switches gears when a man accidently spilled Coca-Cola on the server wires. Allowing the Coca-Cola beverage to spread throughout, affecting all online bullying and switching to kind remarks.

Coca-Cola has always strived to give a positive outlook on things through their commercials and the Super Bowl 2015 commercial time slot was a primitive opportunity for them to address such a controversial issue. Coca-Cola not only wanted to stand out during the Super Bowl commercials but wanted to create something that would stick with people after the big game.

“Our goal is to inspire America to become a collective force for positivity,” says Jennifer Healan, Coca-Cola’s group director of integrated marketing content, in an article posted on Coca-Cola’s company website.

Bullying does not exist in just a school setting or with young children. Bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone. With new advances in technology bullying has escalated to a whole new levels online, allowing people to make crude and hurtful remarks to a person for everyone to see on a social media website.

There have been severe cases where cyberbullying has ended in detrimental or even life ending ways. People do not realize the effect their words can have on others.

Cyberbullying is a growing concern for social media users and instead of sitting back and witnessing such negativity it is time for people to take a stand and take Coca-Cola’s commercial seriously. It is time to start spreading positivity and calling out those who think it is okay to bully someone.

The commercial makes viewers think about their past online activity and the things they view around them. Discovering if they have been a witness to cyberbullying, or realizing they might have been part of the problem themselves.

It can be somewhat manageable to monitor bullying in a school or work setting; however cyberbullying is harder to point out because it is done behind closed doors and in a written format rather than verbal. 

As viewers and users of social media we have an obligation to speak out and put a stop to cyberbullying. Because if we do not, who will?

Cyberbullying needs to end. If there is a comment on Facebook or Twitter putting someone down, speak up and make it known to the bully that it is not okay. Let’s make this a trend, to band together on social media and stop the hurtful comments. Even if you do not know the person, take a stand and stop the bullying.

If the person receiving mean comments does not have the courage to stop the bully lets have that courage for them and stand up for what is right. No one should be put down or treated in a negative way.

“Kids are beginning to go online at such a young age and become easy targets for cyberbullying. People need to start taking note of the bullying and seek help from others,” said Mittal Patel, a nursing student here at Wilkes.

Coca-Cola has the right idea in wanting to stop cyberbullying and spread love and kindness instead. This is only the beginning for how Coca-Cola will take a stand against bullying; it is our job as social media users to continue what Coca-Cola has started.

Coca-Cola has made there point against bullying. How will you help to stop cyberbullying? #MakeItHappy.