The Asteroids Galaxy Tour “Bring Us Together”

Eric Casey, Staff Writer

Is there a genre called “space jazz”?…because I’m pretty sure The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are the definition of it.

They have so many references to space, stars, and related terms like that mixed with modern jazz sounds. However, at the same time they often use a lot of futuristic electronic elements to make a nice “acid-jazz pop” sound too.

Either way they’re on another planet….musically speaking.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour hail from Copenhagen, Denmark. The five piece band consists of lead singer Mette Lindeberg. She has a very distinct voice that is hard to describe. If anything there’s a retro soul sound to her voice tinged with similarities to Alvin and the Chipmunks, but just not as annoying. Her danish accent is very noticeable too.

Their first live performance came in early 2008 when they were asked to open for Amy Winehouse while in Copenhagen. Then in December of the same year Apple put their song “Around the Bend” in a promo for a iPod Touch which gave them some notoriety.

In the summer of 2009 they opened for Katy Perry in Europe. Their debut album Fruit was released in September 2009 almost unnoticed. It’s highest charting was on the Austrian Top 75 Albums chart where it peaked at #53.

In 2011 Heineken International featured the band in their popular ad “The Entrance” where they performed their song “The Golden Age” live. It was aired on TV for months which made the song enter many singles charts across the world, and just barely missing the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.A.

Their sophomore album Out of Frequency which had good reviews, also went unnoticed when it was released in early 2012. It peaked on the Danish Albums chart at #35.

Other than that they have not found much success outside their homeland. They are currently on tour with their new album Bring Us Together which came out last month.

It has not been released here in the states, nor has it charted anywhere.

The new album is their most cohesive work yet.

There seems to be a continuing theme throughout the whole piece.

They’ve added more electronica to their sound as well. The first track “Bring Us Together” opens with clapping and the feel that some extraterrestrial band just dropped by an old western saloon. That probably makes no sense, but the image of that in my head looks cool.

The second song “Navigator” mellows the atmosphere with it’s funkadelic vibe with hints of modern trance in it. Following that is lead single “My Club” which isn’t that appealing. The best thing about it is the familiar “jazz pop” sound from their older stuff, but the lyrics seem kind of lame.

“Right into my club like you run this town / you turned it up and then we get down down down.”

“Get Connected” is a rather forgettable song, but after that comes “Choke It” which is one of the standouts and probably one of their best songs to date.

There’s a lot of experimentation in the track that bends various genres of jazz, rock, and electronica.

It sounds out of this world! “Hurricane” comes after it delivering amazing vibes with its tripped out spacey sounds and groovy lyrics like “a hurricane will blow through everything I know and take me away / oh baby please save me from myself and lift me to the state of euphoria.”

“Rock the Ride” sounds destined for Alternative radio play with it’s twisty pop rock blend of jazz sprinkled on top.

I can also imagine this song playing while you enter an obscure club in NYC late at night.

“I Am the Mountain” is pointless on the album, but the song after that called “Zombie” has a very sexy and slick electro rock feel to it with a feeling of tropical paradise floating through space guided by MGMT….ya dig?!

I mean come on it’s also one of the highlights on the album.

Lastly, “X” is another brilliant experimental songs they did that features some darker tones that pretty much define the album…darker tones.

It’s almost a crime that this band is so underrated.

There is nothing like them out there…in our galaxy. It is highly encouraged to give The Asteroids Galaxy Tour a listen because their new album “Bring Us Together” pleasantly delivers.

Sit back, relax, and let the music take you through a beautiful tour of your open mind.