Ida Maria “Accidental Happiness” review

Eric Casey, Staff Writer

Ida Maria is finally back with new material for the first time since her second album Katla flopped in late 2010. She has been through a lot since then, and if her first six track EP is any indicator of a future fourth album, then we’ll here about what she went through.

The Norwegian indie and punk rocker has never really busted through the cage.

What I mean is her talent has pretty much stayed in Norway, minus the few TV appearances in other countries including America. Her first album Fortress Round My Heart was released in 2008.

The entire album had catchy songs that gained approval from many critics. “Oh My God” was a minor hit, but it wasn’t until “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” did she become recognized on the charts in Europe. The song served as a backdrop in many commercials and TV shows as well.

However, while on tour to support the album she had problems with alcohol which made her cancel many shows and had breakdowns on stage. She would release her forgettable second album in 2010 and then release her third album Love Conquers All online only last year.

Since her debut she has been conquering her alcoholic problems and has been improving since. “My body was a stranger. I didn’t recognize the person I saw in the mirror. Whenever I would see a picture of myself, I was bewildered. I didn’t understand, I no longer knew who I was. I couldn’t find home. I had traveled the world for years, I suddenly stopped moving, but I had lost my soul somewhere and I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

Recently, she released her first EP titled “Accidental Happiness” on iTunes. Her voice is in great form giving off that deep bluesy rock vibe she had on her debut album. Nobody sounds like her.

On the first track “Boogie With The Devil’s Soul” sounds out of this world.

It has a mix of 1930s jazz which then progresses into a ‘90s obscure gritty rock sound. “Last Vice” is somewhat upbeat with nice guitar riffs and dreamy harpsichord sounds. “Bad News” is probably the most “rock” she’s ever sounded. It’s like what Joan Jett would sound like today if she was 29 like Ida.

The last three tracks are astounding as well, especially “Cold Blooded.” It’s the best song on the EP because of how it sounds like it could have been a huge rock anthem in the ‘80s. It also defines every aspect of her persona just right.

Ida Maria is on the cusp of alternative rock stardom, but not having a bigger label is holding her back. An interesting fact about this B.A. rock chick is she has “synesthesia”. It’s a neurological phenomenon which allows her to envision color when listening to music, which is something I sort of relate to.