‘Bad Words’ uses humor, comedic timing to keep viewers laughing

Jill Reifsnyder, Staff Writer

You know how most movies show all the funniest parts during the trailer? Well, this isn’t one of those movies. Without exaggeration, I laughed until I cried!

But be warned, this movie is not for the conservative, nor the well-mannered type. This is a total 21st century comedy, but this one is actually funny, unlike most of the “comedies” that are released. How refreshing.

Bad Words
Bad Words

A very dark and crude sense of humor is displayed by Jason Bateman, playing the lead, Guy Trilby, which in my opinion makes the movie much more progressive and realistic. His humor is very similar to that of Dr. Gregory House.

Playing a character that’s a completely unscrupulous, Bateman uses his wit, sarcasm, and a loophole to enter children’s spelling bees until he makes it to the prize money end. Showing only anger and contempt to all the contestants, his own sponsor, and everyone he comes into contact with, Bateman is one of those characters you love to hate.

He is obviously met with a lot of tension from the parents and spelling bee organizers, and he has a loner type quality that almost makes you feel bad for him … almost. If you love coarse humor, inappropriate jokes, and children being tormented and made fun of, you will love this movie.

When it comes down to the final spelling bee, Bateman starts to take advantage of Chaitanya Chopra, the cutest little kid I’ve ever seen who makes your heart just melt inside your chest. Rohan Chand plays this role perfectly and provides a much-needed contrast as a young, innocent boy trying to make his parents proud and make a new friend while he does what he loves best: spelling.

What I liked best about this movie was that the trailer did a great job laying out the foundation of the movie, but didn’t reveal everything. You knew enough to decide if you wanted to see the movie, but not so much as to know what the ending will be after the first 10 minutes. The more we advanced, I continued to be shocked and my attention never faltered.

I really don’t have any complaints about this movie. The directing was phenomenal, and I was pleasantly surprised that Jason Bateman both directed and starred in the movie. The entire cast was fantastic as well, and the writing had perfect comedic timing and appropriate, realistic plot points.

If you need a break from school, work, drama, or whatever, I highly suggest going to see this movie. Its short, keeps your attention the entire time, and is easy going. Also, a guaranteed laugh is in store, and there’s a little bit of everything in it: drama, comedy, slapstick, plot twists, compassion, learning (if you’re into that), and a fantastic cast.