Cheat Sheet: What is autism?

Let this “cheat sheet,” with terminology gathered from Autism Delaware serve as a guide to better understand some of the terminology involved with autism.

Autism: A condition involving developmental delay in social skills, language and behavior.

Applied Behavioral Analysis: An analysis used to evaluate individuals with autism. This procedure involves manipulating an environment to elicit a desired response.

Americans with Disabilities Act: A federal law that provides equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities, autism included. This act allows these individuals to receive equality in areas such as employment and public accommodations.

Childhood Autism Rating Scale: A test that is used to diagnose autism. This test evaluates in 15 areas of ability, often in which to determine the severity.

Behavioral Therapy: A therapeutic approach that incorporates the use of conditioning and reinforcements.

Developmental Delay: A slower development rate on an individual, when compared to individuals of their same age group.

Auditory Memory: An individual’s ability to receive information presented orally, and then being able to remember and apply.

Asperger’s Syndrome: An autism spectrum disorder. This disorder is typically characterized with above-average cognitive function and communication deficits.

Adaptive Behavior: An individual’s ability to adhere to new experiences or environments.

Articulation: An individual’s ability to produce sounds in relation to their speech.