The 101: Health Care

Sara Davis, Opinion Editor

When you turn on the TV, listen to the radio or look at a magazine, you most likely see something that advertises Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.

The idea of a new health care plan causes anxiety for some people, while others feel a sense of relief.

Although peoples’ opinions may differ, some can agree on the idea that they do not completely understand what Obamacare entails.

In many circumstances this topic is often avoided because it can create serious debates. On both ends of the spectrum, people are passionate about their beliefs and are hesitant to change their opinion.

Although it seems like a simple idea, the idea of Obamacare creates controversy. Some people are against the idea because they feel that they will be negatively affected by the act, and that they will not be able to receive the best care when it is needed.

The Affordable Health Care Act was signed into law on March 23, 2010, and was upheld by a Supreme Court ruling on June 28, 2012.

In basic terms, this law requires all Americans to have health care insurance by 2014. If an individual chooses to not obtain insurance they will be required to pay a monthly fee for each month without coverage.

Basically, Obama’s idea was to reform the nation’s health care system due to the number of Americans that do not have health insurance.

People were unable to have health insurance due to unemployment, pre-existing medical conditions, disabilities, age and expenses. The ACA has allowed these people to obtain their own health insurance.

Obamacare does not change the way that insurance is obtained, it changes the availability. Chances are that if you are reading this you have some sort of health insurance.

Whether it is through employment, private insurance or through an assistance program, you are able to seek medical attention when it is needed. You will still be able to obtain this with the ACA in effect.

You can still purchase private insurance, employer based insurance or obtain assistance through a government assistant program. Contrary to some beliefs, none of these options are being taken away.

In fact, Obamacare now allows Americans to purchase insurance through the State Health Insurance Marketplace where they can also compare various types of insurance plans.

Basically, I don’t understand why people get bent out of shape over Obamacare.

If you want to continue to obtain the insurance of your choice, good for you.

That being said, why is there a problem with a different person recieving Obamacare? Shouldn’t they be able to be cared for as well?

I can almost guarantee you that if you lost your job, had a disability or did not have enough money to pay for insurance that you would want to have the opportunity to recieve Obamacare.

Considering the fact that we are “the land of the free,” shouldn’t everyone be able to live healthily and have an opportunity to be cared for?