New Fitz and The Tantrums album gives good vibes

Eric Casey, Staff Writer

Fitz and The Tantrums have only been around since 2009, but they sound like they’ve been around since the ‘80s. Their sound is quite different from anything on the radio today. They’re the type of band that can not only just appeal to teens, but also their parents and even grandparents.

They now have a second record out titled “More Than Just A Dream” that was released last May, but I’ve finally gotten around to listening to the whole thing.

You’ve probably heard their song “Out of My League” in a TV show or commercial a few months ago while it was burning up the Alternative Songs chart which made it’s way to No.1 in September. It was when I finally heard it on a Top 40 radio station a week ago that I decided to give the album a full listen.

Despite what some critics have said, I think this is stronger than their 2010 debut Pickin’ Up the Pieces. Sure, many might know their other well known songs “MoneyGrabbber” and “Don’t Gotta Work It Out,” which both peaked at No.34 on the Adult Pop Songs chart in 2011, but their new album has filler songs that are actually better than some bands hit singles.

On this album there is an even split of ‘60s soul and Motown with ‘80s pop, but also incorporating modern lyrics and sounds. The whole vibe off this record is something a lot of artist’s are trying to bring back into their music, and it seems to be working. Just look at Capital Cities, Justin Timberlake, and John Newman using “big band” era sounds. Even the incredible fraud that is Flo Rida incorparting old samples into new hip hop beats.

The second single “The Walker” has been recently featured in commercials like the one in which Ellen Degeneres and a large backup crew danced to in just one take for an Oscars promo. If you played FIFA 13 then you probably heard their spunky hand clapping fuzzed out hip shaking song “Spark”. Halfway through the album “Fools Gold” changes pace temporarily because of its modern indie pop sound as compared to the other songs.

If there are any “fillers” then those would have to be “6 a.m.,” “Last Raindrop”, and “The End”, but they aren’t bad. The album ends perfectly with “MerryGoRound.”

The main singer Michael Fitzpatrick is 43, but it doesn’t show in his stage presence and looks.

Before creating his own band he spent many years as a sound engineer for producer Mickey Petralia.