The 101: Non-traditional theme parties


Carly Yamrus, Opinion Editor

Odds are you have attended some sort of theme party at this point in your life, whether it be an Anything But Clothes (ABC) party or the flower power one of your 11th birthday… Pretty much the same deal. It’s a party focused around a specific topic or concept.


If you want to go the safe route on a theme party, your options are limited: the toga party, ugly sweater and stoplight. Usually a lot of fun, these fan favorites are remarkably overdone and unoriginal.


For this weeks 101 guide to non-traditional theme parties, we have compiled this list of theme party ideas that we’ve never seen anyone attempt:




Who doesn’t love a wedding? This theme includes all the fun of a wedding without all that legal nonsense and commitment. You’re allowed to skip the ceremony and head straight to the after party. Send your guests their invitations and let them bring a date. The dress code and decorations should mock a real wedding, as should the cake. What you do with the cake is up to you.


Snow pants or no pants:


The snow pants or no pants party sounds comical but it goes beyond the dress part of it. This theme takes that cozy ski-lodge ambiance and brings it to your home. It is perfect for the coming winter season because of the dress code required. Snow pants are obviously encouraged, but if you don’t have a pair, you better get creative!


Under the sea:


This could get a little ridiculous, but everyone dresses up as if they were “under the sea.” Costumes must be handmade- even shell bikinis. No store-bought mermaids allowed. Get creative with your costume and don’t be “that guy” who shows up in a red shirt and tries to convince everyone that he’s a lobster.


Great Gatsby:


If you’re going to try and attempt this one, you better make it “Great.” Don’t try to throw a 1920’s Gatsby party at the last possible second- you’ll ruin it. Décor should include copious amount of confetti, glitter, feathers and streamers. Take a lot of pictures at this one, but only in black and white. Guests should wear proper attire of course, just in case Gatsby actually shows his face. No keg-stands.* Be classy.




This theme is good for a last minute party. Everything has to be the same predetermined color, including your outfits. Everyone will be confused. It could get a little trippy in there.


Salvation Army:


What better way to spend your Friday night than patronizing the local Sal Val for a good cause! Each person has to buy their clothes for the night using 10 dollars or less. Could turn up some rather interesting outfits since hardly anything in there is from the past decade.


Miley Cyrus: Everyone shaves their head and wears plastic underwear.



*The Wilkes Beacon does NOT endorse or encourage underage drinking.


Cheat Sheet

“That guy”


The worst type of person you can be at a party is “that guy.” “That guy” is that person or group of people who are just too cool for the party. They make a feeble attempt to dress up and participate in the theme. If the theme for the party was wedding and you show up in one of those t-shirt tuxes… you are that guy. If the theme for the monochrome party was red and you wear black to be funny… you’re that guy.


The relentless attention-seeker


You’ll always find that one person, usually a female, who uses the theme to beg for attention. She will show up to the Under the Sea party wearing lingerie and hold a sword and convince you that she is a sword-fish. Fooling NOBODY. The point of a theme party is not to see who is wearing the least amount of clothes.


The Selfies


The Selfies tend to be a group of girlfriends who see the theme party as one big photo opportunity. Most of the night is spent documenting their attendance with everyone they can semi-recognize. Instagrams will be posted not less than every 30 minutes.


The Halloweeners-


You’ll always get those people who confuse a theme party with Halloween. Your pre-made, store-bought flapper costume from three years ago has no place here. A “greek goddess” Is not a toga and 6 different renditions of The Little Mermaid in one house really just kills it.