Letter: Speak up to stop campus bullying

To the Editor:

Does bullying occur in the Wilkes cafeteria? We hope the information we have received is mistaken, but we have been told that cafeteria workers are sometimes subjected to mean and hurtful comments.

We are appalled. The ethical standards and the ideas of all decent people consider the saying of mean things to anyone to be wrong. To do this to individuals who work hard every day to prepare food and to provide clean and appealing places for us all to eat violates Wilkes University standards and our core values.

Unfortunately, the problem does not lie simply in those who make the comments. All of us who hear hurtful comments and do nothing to stop them become implicated. As individuals, we need to decide what kind of persons we will be – will we speak up for those who are mistreated and abused or will we stand idly by?

Persons who feel too threatened to take on the problem directly can report it to those who will take action. This includes the people in Student Affairs, faculty members (such as the authors of this letter), staff, administrators, and more.

We suggest that, as a community, we need to explore this problem. What is giving rise to such disrespect for others here on campus? Where else on campus does disrespect occur? What can we do in order to stop such behavior?

Let’s agree together to face this head-on and to ensure that everyone at the University is treated with dignity and compassion.


Dr. Linda Paul (Associate Professor of Philosophy)
Dr. Gina Morrison (Associate Professor of Education)