Positive attitude the secret to success

Carly Yamrus, Opinion Editor

As the seniors prepare for their final weeks of higher education, they are eager to finish up the last of the group projects, final presentations, chapter tests and so on.


For some of us, we still have a few years left of these wonderful academic tools to adhere to. I say this with sarcasm, yet that is exactly what they are. While these “tools” may be annoying, they are necessary for our achievement. Otherwise, how would we learn? Ideally we could listen to lectures out of genuine interest in education, but lets be real… Nobody would go.


Whether your professional life begins in a few weeks or a few years, I’m sure we can all relate to times when we were completely unmotivated about going to school, and for many reasons. I’m sure we’ve all had those times where we would complain about pretty much everything, ranging from having to physically get up, being assigned a terrible group partner, ridiculous assignments, public speaking, Mondays…


As we transition from college to job market, keep in mind what you are actually going to be doing. Instead of paying to go to school, you will be working for someone else. You are no longer the paying customer. No longer will anyone be attempting to directly benefit you. You have a job to do.


Think of the college experience as a pre-requisite to the real world. Don’t think for a second that the poor attitude you possessed in college will suddenly disappear as you apply for entry-level jobs. Don’t think for a second that you work ethic will radically change and you will suddenly be really excited about work.


Attitude really is everything.


A positive attitude makes you a prime candidate for hire, even if you do not have as much experience as the next person. Complaining will never make a problem go away. Instead, learn to accept a task and choose to go about it in a constructive manner instead of wishing it away. Learn to accept criticism. You are not going to be right all the time. Your work is always subject to improvement.


Overall, a positive attitude will bring about many benefits to your career and interpersonal lives. You will be more productive, have better communication and relationships with your co-workers and be a happier person all around. If you have to be there, might as well make the best of it right?


Congratulations seniors on your academic success, I wish you well in your professional careers and so on. Colonels 4 lyfe.