Maer’s BBQ offers free on-campus delivery and good eats

Nicholas Wesley, Staff Writer

This rousing title is to make known something about a little-known place located just blocks from our beloved campus. Maer’s barbecue is THE BEST place to grab a quick bite in Wilkes-Barre … PERIOD.
This place masterfully mixes some traditional barbecue with a modern flair. Before I start to sound like I’m selling women’s pantsuits, let me just reiterate how gastronomically aroused you will get if you eat here (that’s a good thing).
The traditional, smoked in-house BBQ is fantastic. They have a mean pulled pork, their ribs are masterful and their brisket is great. With a house-made BBQ sauce, you can’t go wrong with the originals.
They have some house-made chips with a sweet tinge to them; a little odd to some but a unique take nonetheless.
If I were you and planning on packing on a couple extra pounds for warmth, I would get the cheese fries with the house-made cheese sauce, that’s right, not packaged Cheese Wiz, a feat only attempted by the true purists of cuisine.
Now if you’re really hungry, get the BIG PIG. It’s big, it’s a burger, it’s pulled pork, it’s got bacon, it’s worth it.
Now comes the REAL art. The “Modern Flair,” a word of advice: check the specials on Facebook. They are always having something new.
One of the chefs there is a native Hawaiian, and can really throw down. They are always experimenting and trying something new for a day.
The special meals change on the reg. Spicy Asian shrimp tacos were my salvation one drunken evening: perfectly tender shrimp, glazed in a slightly sweet but mildly hot glaze, crunchy carrots and, dare I say, beets, for a perfect cleansing texture, all nestled gently in a warm fluffy tortilla. This is true bliss on a spiritual level.
If seafood ain’t your fancy, how about a meatloaf sandwich? Like a bat outta hell, it will be gone when the “do da da.” You get the picture (if you don’t, start listening to better music). But it’s fantastic, crunchy outside, succulent inside, mushroom topped … ohhh baby.
And if you really are feeling bad, just pig out on their desserts, red velvet cake, brownies, a whole mess of fantastic sweet confections for your liking.
Got a big test? Need a big breakfast? They are open at 7 a.m. Get yourself some of the BEST French toast in Wilkes-Barre.
If you can’t tell, this is one of the best places to eat in Wilkes-Barre. So quit being lazy and give them a try. You will not be disappointed.