Congress votes down minimum wage

Obama recently spoke of an increase to minimum wage in his State of the Union address. However, Congress just recently voted it down.
The minimum wage should have been passed because it would have helped fortify the lower classes because the lower classes help maintain the society and keep businesses flourishing.
Without a strong lower class as a base for society, businesses will fail. Without the lower class spending money, the upper class gains no profits. When the upper class isn’t gaining profits they need to cut workers.
These workers are the employees in the lower class. If these workers are cut they can no longer buy things, if they cannot buy things the upper class gets poorer because they lose yet another consumer.
With every consumer gone, money becomes more stagnant. This makes rungs in the ladder of society evaporate by further separating the lower and upper class, making the poor poorer, it also makes the upper class more wary about spending their money, which also takes away business again.
Basically when the poor aren’t buying things, they rich are certainly not going to buy things.
Stagnancies within an economy are a terrible thing to have. Think about it this way. When you played tag as a child, and people pulled the “you’re it I quit” card. It is the economic equivalent of that.
Except backward, when these people are saying ‘I quit,’ they are taking the money and leaving, to again equate this to a schoolyard act.
Think about playing marbles and playing for keeps. If someone wins all the marbles and every time someone plays against him  he takes all their marbles then one side is constantly left without marbles.
In the end, the marbles become stagnant and no one wants to play marbles anymore because only one kid has all the marbles. So at this point,  no one is playing marbles with that kid because they want to keep their marbles and it turns into a big boring recess because no one is doing anything anymore because no one wants to lose their marbles because they can’t get enough to keep playing.
The higher minimum wage would give people a reason to spend more money because there would be a way for the people who are bad at marbles to get more marbles to try to get to be better at marbles with.
Without giving people the ability to learn how to spend money once they have money they will never know what to do when they get money. So raise the minimum wage so that the lower class can finally make enough money to learn how to handle extra money.
With raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10, every single person would benefit from this. There is not a person that couldn’t benefit from the fact that there will be more money in circulation.
With all this money in circulation businesses will flourish. This will cause people that own these businesses to be able to hire more workers to attend to this raised need. With more workers, that’s even more money now in circulation because it will raise unemployment since there will be more people in jobs.
In all these newfound jobs, people will be making even more money. With more money in their pockets, these people will no longer have to live from paycheck to paycheck and this will cause their levels of stress to drop dramatically, causing them to have a better quality of life.
With this better quality of life, people will then be happier overall. In this overall happier population, people will be less violent and will realize their good natured feelings and spread good will toward everyone they meet.
Spreading all this goodwill to everyone they meet will cause the society to become a better and more prosperous place to live overall. This will promote peace and happiness throughout the nation and cause the recession to finally cease.
Once the problems of the economy are gone people will no longer have that stress and feel they need to be better to everyone and this will promote peace happiness and goodwill towards men.
For these reasons, Congress should have raised the minimum wage, and promote peace and well-being. But by congress shooting down the idea, they have once again confirmed the idea that Congress members are the biggest heel in the American political system and want everyone to be as miserable as they are. Congratulations, Congress, you’ve once again failed the people who have elected you.