Bringing the Harlem Shake to Wilkes University

Frank Passalacqua, Sports Editor

Every few months, there is new viral trend that floats from computer screen to computer screen on YouTube. The first one of this year is called “Harlem Shake.”
Harlem Shake is a dubstep song from Bauuer and has quickly become the newest thing for groups of friends or college campuses to do. All it consists of is people doing their everyday routine in the background while a person in the front casually dances. However, once the breakdown in the song drops, the frame cuts to everyone dancing crazily out of their minds.
A simple 30-second video is all it is, and this new trend is spreading on the internet like wildfire. College campuses all over the country are making their own versions, each having millions of views in just a few days. Because these videos are so short and people find them entertaining, people are willing to watch multiple at once, hence the quick million hits.
A student at Appalachian State University started a small event on Facebook to get his campus evolved. In just 24 hours, the event had 558 attendees all willing to dance like there is no tomorrow.
This is an opportunity too funny to pass up, and it can give Wilkes University some viral recognition. It doesn’t have to be anything overwhelming, but it should be attempted. Why would anyone not want to be in a video that 2 million views in the first week?
An event has been made for the “Wilkes Harlem Shake” on Facebook and everyone is encouraged to join and help make this video a hit. As of now, it is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 21, during club hours, but a set place has not been determined. Students should help spread the word and make the Harlem Shake at Wilkes the best on the Internet.
If you have not seen or heard of this, it is highly suggested you watch multiple videos in your free time for a few laughs.