The Second Amendment Fires Forward With Guns a Blazing

Jerome Frederick, Correspondant

If you take a look back through the past 100 years and really look at how gun control worked you will see it failed miserably.  We can look and the great country of Germany led by Adolf Hitler who imposed gun control, Benito Mussolini leader of Italy, or Fidel Castro Cuban president, and they all have one thing in common it failed.  Gun Control is not because people are afraid of guns, it’s just a way of slowly turning our Democracy into a Dictatorship led by Mr. Obama.

The only reason people are afraid of guns is because either they have no background knowledge or experience with guns, because they think guns are only meant to hurt people since that’s what they see on the news.  Well just because you implement gun control onto this once free land that doesn’t stop the fact that those criminals will still find a way to obtain those weapons.

In those 11,493 homicides that were committed 42% were robberies and another 22% was aggravated assault , and in 68% of those crimes the guns were not registered meaning they were received illegally (National Institute of Justice).  That leaves a minute amount of murders considering there are over 310 million guns in circulation including pistols, rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic machine guns, and automatic machine guns.  People ill-informed about guns, and basically about what is going on in the world would see this a say let’s ban guns, which anything but the right thing.

Yes, guns have become much more modern in this world, and at the same time they have become harder to obtain as you need to have a background check, proper permitting, a specific gun permit, and age restrictions just to name a few barriers to own a gun.  Contradicting to the article in the paper there are very few guns that have a 100 round capacity, like the used in the Colorado shooting.  People obtaining these guns and magazines will only grow through gun control with illegal purchases.  Looking at the statistic on suicides and guns in America is like comparing “apples to oranges” they have nothing to do with each other.   The gun doesn’t pull the trigger on its’ own, it is the operator, and what’s to say that a Veteran doesn’t have a War flashback one day and end their life tragically.  That is an instance where the stress of being somewhere undesired rears its’ head and a terrible outcome evolves out of it, where people just see the bold letter’s in the news “Man Shoots Himself” so they have something to talk about.

In America if you look at the different states and their gun laws you see different numbers pertaining to fatalities, but what you usually don’t see is that most of them are justice being served.  It is a proven fact that where there are more concealed carries there is less crime according to Ted Nugent NRA and TeaParty member, and you only have to look at Texas to prove that.  In most states thanks to Ted Kennedy, and Hilary Clinton you can’t carry a firearm, because you could hurt someone else.  Well let me leave with a news story where carrying a concealed firearm should have been allowed but thanks to liberal leaders it wasn’t permitted.

A mother taking her daughter to soccer practice was car jacked upon arrival, and had a firearm at her house, but in the state of Massachusetts she was not permitted to carry one on her. She paid the ultimate price to a criminal who was in jail three times previously.  He was let go because people felt bad for him and thought he should get another chance.

We are the only ones who can stop this madness from happening and as far as I can see we American Gun owners will never let that happen.  I am a proud to say I am an avid outdoorsman, hunter, trapper, shooter, and I will always be a proud member of the NRA and fight for our gun rights