“The Lost Kardashian” Speaks Out

Brittany Battista, Advertising Manager

So this week instead of taking my frustrations out on others I know and care about, I decided to take it out on people that I don’t know. I will vent about one person in particular. Regardless of anything anyone says, Kim Kardashian is fooling everyone and laughing all the way to the bank.

It just so happened that The Kardashian Klan decided to venture out to the media this week to “promote” their fashion line, perfume, etc, etc.  I don’t recall any media promotions before the divorce. Coincidence? I think not. Did she really think people were not going to ask about it?

She spent a reported $10 million on her wedding to Kris Humphries. Half the reason I think she married him was because his first name began with a ‘K’ but that is neither here nor there. The marriage lasted 72 days. A fish from a county fair has a longer life span.

Don’t feel bad for Kris. He got $6 million. Together they pocketed $18 million from the wedding. Rumors have been flying saying the wedding was a sham.

“To sit there and say that they’re not profiting is insulting to anyone that’s watching,” said a reporter from TMZ.com.

Do the math: it ends up being $28 million wasted on garbage. Of course the whole wedding was for money. That is a huge chunk of our nation’s debt. $28 million can pay for enough malaria nets to save 240,000 people from dying from the disease. It can send 70 kids to dorm at Wilkes with no financial aid.

Reports also say that Kardashian gave a substantial amount of money to the Dream Foundation after the wedding. People were going to bash her about the failed short marriage so she had to make some effort to seem caring. But it was only to seem caring. Every move they make is staged for a reason. The whole show is so staged that I think the whole family probably lost all of their own identities because everything is scripted. News flash, no one cares. Especially me after this scam.

I used to get compliments from people saying I looked like her. Now, it’s an insult. I used to joke saying I was “the lost Kardashian” and my name would be changed to Krittany. Now, she made a joke of America by making us believe she actually married for the right reasons.

Here’s some tough love for you Kim: take off some of your make up so the world and see how much of an ugly person you are on the outside as well as the inside. Stop complaining that you’re “working” so much because you don’t have a real job! You’re famous for being famous and that’s it. You clung to Paris Hilton back in your wannabe days. Granted, your fashion line is awesome and hugs my curves and your perfume is OK but … you need to get over yourself.

I’m tired of seeing the Kardashian name everywhere. All of these “socialites” like the Kardashians, Hiltons and Lohans are setting a bad example for all of us. They put their lives in the spotlight only to hate on it. How do you expect society to stay out of your private life when you let them into every other aspect? They are rich because they are famous for being famous. Where is the sense in that? I know personally after this fake wedding I will not be watching the show or buying their merchandise. Hopefully, after these reports, no one else will either.