9-9-9? Or Nein nein nein? – Herman Cain means business

TImothy Fisher, Staff Writer

I am not a registered voter.  When I turned eighteen, I made a promise to myself: to not vote for a presidential candidate I did not agree with.  Lo and behold, I have made it this far without voting in the presidential election.  The candidates have just been unacceptable.

However, I have changed my mind this time around.  Just when I thought that no real high-quality people could run for president, Herman Cain has come out of the woodwork.

Cain is able.  In the monotonous sea of republican candidates, he has distinguished himself in the Florida straw poll in an outright upset.  Cain’s newest proposal is called the 9-9-9 plan.  It consists of a 9 percent flat income tax, a 9 percent corporate tax and a 9 percent national sales tax.  So far, this is the only proposed tax overhaul proposed by the republican candidates.

While Cain works to develop his plan, the other candidates criticize and ridicule his efforts.  It seems to me that it is always easier to think up solutions to problems than to actually implement them.  Consequently, I find it funny that the guy trying to remedy our failing economy is labeled as the villian, politics as usual.

One of the things that I admire about Cain is that he has the gumption to declare such a radical plan in this stage of the presidential race, however, top economists are lining up to take pot shots at the system.  Okay, I admit this plan may sound a little utopian in a sense, but it presents a 50/50 shot at fixing our economy and stimulating business.  The downside is that it could perceivably make things worse.  We are all well aware that politicians are only slightly less likely to lie than lawyers, it is an unfortunate truth in American politics.  So I ask you personally what would you prefer from a politician: another set of lies, or a 50/50 chance at and economic recovery?  At least you have the opportunity to actually see something positive accomplished, if fortune favors the bold.

I am going to register for this presidential election, and I will be voting  for Herman Cain.  I will do everything I can as a voter and American citizen to break the monotony and deception surrounding our politics.  I am sick of it.  Politicians promise that they will change the way problems are dealt with in our nation.  In the end, it is almost always the same thing, a lot of rhetoric and blame slinging that results in absolutely nothing being accomplished.  At least with Herman Cain there is a 50/50 chance at seeing some sort of forward progress.

The 9-9-9 plan has plenty of advantages.  By taxing consumables people will save more of their money, which will have many positive benefits for the economy in the long run.  Now it is up for you to decide: are you going to vote for a lie, or 50/50 chance at revival?  I would prefer a much higher chance of success, but we have to start somewhere.