It’s the end of the world as we know it…only not really

Tim Fisher, Staff Writer

There’s been much talk about the apocalypse in 2012. The numerous predictions of Armageddon are getting stronger. Why? Black Birds are falling from the sky. Fish are washing up on shores dead. Wayward whales are beaching themselves upon our shores. Now, the flooding of the Susquehanna River has swept away homes and caused billions of dollars in damage.

However, it’s a cop-out to say these phenomena are leading to our judgment day. Yes, these happenings are unsettling to everyone. People are affected. Yet, I cannot advocate the spread of doom-saying. What makes the end-time of next year a hoax?  It is the very predictions that enamor it.

Let us discuss this Mayan calendar. Initial theories concerning it said our end would come May 2003. Are we still here? Yes. So the date was moved back to December 2012; this coincides with the calendar’s end. Will we still be here? Yes. Why such confidence? The answers lie in the facts. Russian astrologists made their claim two years ago: The issue of apocalypse is in our minds.

After the movie 2012, NASA made its own statement “Credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012.” NASA went on further to debunk claims of geomagnetic storms and magnetic reversal of earth’s poles. NASA concluded that “A magnetic reversal would not cause harm to any life on earth”.

There are people paid solely to watch for signs of doomsday. These individuals work in all governments worldwide. Have they alerted their governments to our approaching end yet? No. Nothing will happen in 2012.  As our great President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The 2012 apocalypse will stir everybody up. Personally, I’m going to invite some friends over and make a celebration out of it. For one whole night in December, we can pretend the world is ending, and then the sun will shine the next day. Everyone will go home, and life will go on, the same way it has for thousands of years.

I will bask in the moment when the 2012 Armageddon theory fails. The best part will be the next day. I will simply say “I’m here,” and the tranquility of my existence will say the rest. Do not worry. Hurry, hurry to your family, your fellow man, your country, and enjoy life. A life of fear is a life of regret.