Magical memories with Morgan

Oct. 12 marks officially one month for me in the Disney College Program and I can excitedly say that it has been the best month of my entire life.

I would never have expected this month to fly by so fast, especially since I have not been homesick at all. Normally when I was back at college, even though I was only one hour away, I would get super homesick and come home every weekend.

Being down in Florida is a big change for me since I am a huge family-oriented person. I know that it will be a little more difficult with the upcoming holidays approaching, but I am fully determined to make the most of it.

This past week I would say was probably the best week of my entire program so far. My friends from back home decided to visit for the weekend and we decided to go to Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

It was our first time seeing the fireworks show “Enchantment” at Magic Kingdom and they were nice but I definitely think their former “Happily Ever After” show was much better.

On Oct. 16 I was able to work in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. This was a bucket list experience for me because not only do cast members wear a purple costume that resembles Rapunzel’s princess dress but you also get to pixie dust people. Pixie dusting is when cast members shake glitter from their wands onto someone’s head.

This was my first ever shift at Magic Kingdom and I got to work during “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party,” which was super fun. I moved between three stores, Hundred Acre Goods, Fantasy Faire” and Sir Mickies.

My favorite memory from that night was pixie dusting this little girl who was dressed up like Mulan. After I pixie dusted her, she ran up and gave me a big hug and then asked if I could pixie dust her little stuffed animal that was dressed exactly like her. Sometimes, when times get hard on the program, memories like these remind me of exactly why I am doing this.

Oct. 17 was a very chaotic day at the Boardwalk Inn. Usually it is a very quiet location and it was that day until our cooler decided to break at 10:30 p.m. My coordinator said it was smoking in the back and shut off at 45 degrees, which is dangerous since we had a lot of stuff in the cooler.

My coordinator and leader decided to give us all cast compliments that night though for being so great with the guests and not showing that anything was wrong on the floor or in the back. Even though it is our job to always be happy and make the guests our priority, sometimes it gets hard when things go wrong.

The rest of the week was extremely fun and pretty uneventful. On Oct. 20, I was at Universal Studios again with all of my friends. We decided to go on Revenge of the Mummy first, which is one of the best rides ever. Then, we walked around for the majority of the day before ending at Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

Even though I am getting a little tired since I do not have much time to myself during this internship, I would still say that so far it is the best experience in the entire world and I am so grateful to have this opportunity. I cannot wait to see what the next three months bring.