Fire Alarm Free 50 Days

Jennifer Magnotta, Correspondent

With an increase in fire alarm mishaps, a campaign has been started to insist on the decrease in numbers of false alarms.

“If physical goals are set for students, they are more likely to rise to the occasion,” said Timothy Ziegler, sophomore.

Although University Towers is usually the place to go to get exercise, due to fire alarms being set off by the students’ cooking skills, they have increased this semester to a point that Residence Life staff members are beginning to get involved. The campaign’s official name is “Fire Alarm Free 50 Days” with the theme “We Didn’t Start The Fire” after the song made famous by Billy Joel.

“It’s a great idea, although it does not seem to be very effective. The number of days seems a bit high, and I feel that it should be lowered to 30 or 40 to seem like a more reachable goal,” Martina Barna, sophomore, said.

On Sept. 29, the campaign began with a visit to every room in UT by the Colonel, accessorized in his chef gear. On that day, he provided students with cooking tips printed onto magnets so that it can be placed on your refrigerator, in your kitchen, where the cooking happens. This is when the campaign started, along with a newly decorated bulletin board and flyers through out UT. There is not a picked date to end the campaign.

“I don’t have a planned end date, but making it to 50 days would be a fitting time to begin a new theme,” JeanMarie DeLuca, Residence Life Director said.

This campaign was created due to uproar in fire alarms being set off in UT. The “Fire Alarm Free 50 Days” crusade started as an effort from the Residence Life staff to raise awareness about safety in University Towers when using the kitchen facilities.

“I think that the goal of going 50 free days without a fire alarm is a great idea,” said Ziegler.

The campaign is only happening in UT. The purpose of the campaign is to remind the UT residents to use caution when cooking to ultimately reduce the number of fire alarms.

“Fire alarms, while important to ensure safety, are also an inconvenience to residents, Public Safety, and the Fire Department when they are set off by a cooking error that doesn’t result in a fire,” DeLuca said.

If students reach the goal of 50 days free of fire alarms, there will be a building-wide reward. DeLuca would like to keep the reward a secret, but she is open to hearing any opinions of what residents think the surprise should be.

“I believe that the “Fire Alarm Free for 50 Days” reward is a great incentive,” Barna said.

As of November 19, the building is at 9 days free of fire alarms.

For more information, contact DeLuca at [email protected]