Field of Screams Trip

James Jaskolka, Assistant Online Editor

Student Development is sponsoring a trip to Field of Screams, which recently opened a new attraction.

Buses will depart at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, from the back of the Henry Student Center and head to the Field of Screams, a year-round haunted attraction in Lancaster.

The 20-acre plot of land has been in business for 21 years, but this year is the first for Field of Screams’ latest attraction, a walk-through of a trail in the woods.

Wilkes University freshman Kyle Schopf, whose father, Gene, owns Field of Screams, said the new attraction has a post-apocalyptic theme, where groups walk through the town of Armageddon survivors – people who, according to Schopf, don’t take well to visitors.

“Basically, there’s a bunch of crazy rednecks that really don’t want you there,” Schopf explained. “They’ll do whatever it takes to get you out.”

Though Schopf said the attractions, which also include a haunted hayride and two multilevel walkthroughs, can be frightening. He emphasized that all the actors involved go through “Scare School,” a course that teaches proper scaring etiquette.

Schopf also said that while the Field of Screams may live up to its name, students who scare easily shouldn’t be disheartened.

“(The attractions are) intense, but it’s fun to be able to be scared and laugh at yourself later,” he said. “Whether you’re scared or someone who’s with you is scared, it’s a good time.”

Jill Price, Adventure Education coordinator and the woman organizing the trip, said students should take full advantage of the trip’s $5 price, which includes transportation and admission.

“Students pay $5 and Student Development picks up the other costs,” Price said. “We’re gonna be able to go VIP status … (which is) a $55 value.”

The VIP tickets, Schopf explained, provide the opportunity to stand in the VIP line instead of waiting an hour like everyone else may have to do.

Students can sign up for the trip at the info desk in the SUB, and for more information can contact Price at [email protected]