Back in the day…National Nut Day: Oct. 22

Sarah Bedford, Staff Writer

Things are bound to get “nutty” on Oct. 22, it’s National Nut Day! Although National Nut Day has existed in the Unites States for quite some time, the UK is starting to get nuts too!

The UK version of National Nut Day was created by Liberation Foods Company as a way to encourage healthy eating habits and promote Fairtrade nuts. Fairtrade nuts helps small farmers and individuals who gather nuts. This event began in the UK in 2010, and continues to stir excitement around. The House of Commons actually wanted to push forth a notion to swap meats for nuts for the day. The day just isn’t a quirky holiday either; Liberation Foods actually goes nuts for it by sponsoring a recipe contest where individuals send in their most nutty dishes and the winner receives Fairtrade goods and their recipe published for all to see.

So, on Oct. 22, let loose, and get nutty!