Blood Drive

Nicole Zukowski, Correspondent

Sleeves will be rolled and arms held out straight for a blood drive on Tuesday, Oct. 15, in the Henry Student Center Ballroom.

Wilkes University will hold its first Geisinger Blood Drive from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. All the past blood drives have been through the means of the American Red Cross.

“Many rules come from the federal and state governments, so both organizations must operate within the same regulatory framework,” said Joseph Cherinko, blood drive work study student, “little differences here and there, but nothing that should make a person delay donating blood because of operations through a different organization.”

The need for blood is constant and donations are important for a healthy and steadfast blood supply.  According to the Geisinger Blood Center, the blood collected is used to “fulfill lifesaving missions and provide blood products to the thousands of patients who need transfusions each year.”

For Wilkes University to hold a blood drive, many volunteers are needed the day of the event. Volunteers will help in timed shifts with events within the canteen, escorting donors where to go along with making sure the donor is well enough after donating and the initial registration to donate blood.

“There are a total of five American Red Cross Blood Drives scheduled at Wilkes,” said Megan Boone, Community Service coordinator. “We hope to add more Geisinger blood drives to the roster.”

Although this event is through Geisinger’s blood center, it is set up the same way past blood drives were designed held at Wilkes.

“Regardless of what organization you donate through, whether it’s the Geisinger Blood Center or the American Red Cross, your blood is going to help people,” Cherinko said.

Future donors and prospective volunteers can contact Boone or Cherinko with comments or to learn more about donating blood.