Pintrest: Melted Crayon Art

Pintrest: Melted Crayon Art

Anne Yoskoski, Managing Editor


1. Crayons (crayola)

2. Hairdryer

3. Glue

4. Board

Step 1: Glue Crayons to board

Step 2: Hit crayons with hairdryer on high heat until they begin to melt down the board.

Seems simple enough, right? I was wrong. First of all, the heat from the hair dryer made the glue holding the crayons to the board become loose, so I had some crayons fall right off the board. Then I realized that unless I held the hairdryer straight above each crayon, it would direct the wax into the next color stream.

I suppose this would be much easier if I weren’t a perfectionist, but I ended up with melted wax everywhere and eventually took the crayons and melted them completed for the kids I babysit to use.

Overall I give this a B+