The Graveyard Shtick: A Grave Approach to… Merle Dixon

The Graveyard Shtick: A Grave Approach to... Merle Dixon

Jake Cochran, Sports Co-Editor

This analysis has been a long time coming, but Mr. Dixon has not provided enough material to analyze. Luckily, Merle has provided some more material and fleshed out some more of his very interesting and probably felonious past.

With the addition of last week’s episode, Merle Dixon and Daryl Dixon have finally gotten some much needed screen time together. This has helped the fans get a better understanding of the way that their relationship works together and we see that Merle basically big leagues Daryl all over the place.

But it appears since Daryl has spent the time away from Merle he has grown a sort of spine to get away from his brother’s scumbag tendencies and has become a more respectable individual.

Whereas the rampancy of the zombies has made Merle even more of a scum, or just made it so he has more options to try to steal from innocent civilians and satisfy his urges for violence.  Within the past episode we’ve seen Merle try to avoid helping a family, and then after his brother finished saving them, Merle attempted to rob the family.

This act will probably go unspoken because now that Merle is back at the prison (I say back because he’s probably been in a prison before) the group will probably not welcome his arrival as he’s been in a physical altercation with many of them.

In one of the first few episodes Merle tried to strong arm Rick when he was on the roof in Atlanta, which ended badly for Merle with him having to cut off his own hand. This might have made Merle a little bit mad at Rick, but apparently not made enough to let the zombies eat him. Or at least not mad enough to let them eat him in front of his brother.

Merle also has had an almost instant disdain for Michonne and Michonne being the vengeful and untrusting person she was reciprocated these feelings. Also the fact Merle went out of his way to hunt her down and try to kill her probably didn’t help. So this will be an interesting relationship as she already barely lives at the prison taking up a residency in an abandoned truck outside in the buffer yard.

Then we get to Glenn, this is most likely the most volatile relationship of the groups. Glenn has a good reason to hate Merle as he directly tried to kill him, multiple times. Merle also threatened Glenn with harming Maggie, both bodily and sexually. So there’s bound to be a little bit more than some just disdainful looks as Glenn is now feverously advocating revenge.

Maggie is also going to hold a grudge against Merle for being the person who kidnapped both her and Glenn to Woodbury where she was met with all the terrible actions of The Governor. So I doubt she will be pining for Merle to come live in the prison with them all.