The Graveyard Shtick: The Sociology of Woodbury

The Graveyard Shtick: The Sociology of Woodbury

Jake Cochran, Sports Co-Editor

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve actually watched “The Walking Dead” from this past Sunday, if not I assume you are being forced to read this by some obligation (what’s up, Bill and Mom?).

So it seems that this is the best week as any to explore the newest messed up town in the “Walking Dead” universe, Woodbury. That place is a madhouse run by a mad man and only seems to be getting worse.

Using the classic television/friendship model, they seem to be pretty screwed as a civilization. Right now they are without their muscle, Merle Dixon. Their brain, Milton, seems to be as useless as ever, providing little to no help in a time of crisis. I guess this would leave them without their looks, since The Governor isn’t much of a looker these days, especially with one eye down.

Leaving Woodbury with only two solid options, the useless girl, Andrea, who seems to be finding a use (which is confusing for this model,)and the general population of Woodbury, which can be regarded as the wild card, as sometimes they seem to be a promising bunch or a big heaping mess of stupid, as they are now.

But the problem is now the wildcard is too wild and unpredictable. They are all too scared to be productive and too busy trying to no longer live in the city and that’s not good for the city because a city without people is just a bunch of buildings and that’s not very easy to lead.

So the civilization of Woodbury is that of a broken group of people held together by a poorly maintained fence and lead by a madman. That makes the town an interesting petri dish of volatile ingredients sure to end in failure .

So while the comic Woodbury seemed like a psychotic community, it was somewhat stable, there was never such a talk of mutiny as rampant as it is currently on TV.

So in a head to head face off between comic Woodbury and TV Woodbury, comic Woodbury crushes TV Woodbury in a landslide, because the tipping point is The Governor, while TV Gov is a little crazy and seems to have just fallen off the deep end. Comic Gov was a sociopath through and through, probably even just full on psychotic.

Plus, it will come down to hardware without a doubt in this fight, the comic Woodbury has a tank. I haven’t seen one of those yet.