Wilkes University Flute Ensemble brought families and friends together.

Quyen Nguyen, A&E Online Staff

Walking in to the cozy setting of the upper lobby, Dorothy Dickson Darte Center, family and friends came together to celebrate the end of the semester and enjoy an evening of the flute ensemble on May 2 at 7:30 p.m.

It is semi-annual events that hold at the end of every semester. The Flute Ensemble is also count as a class for credit where students would meet once a week for about two hour to practice for this end of the semester concert.

The flute ensemble members consist of Wilkes University students, alumni and even community members under the instruction of Alicia “Lish” Lindsey, adjunct flute professor and director of the Flute Ensemble.

“Flute world is open to anybody,” Lindsey said, “the rehearsal when we try to put everything together and the music could be challenging at times but our main goal is to have everyone to walk away having a good time.”

Many of the alumni members are music teacher around the area.

Emily Bly, ’04 graduate and a music teacher in the Wilkes-Barre area, was very excited for the night.

“I have been playing flute for ten years since I took flute method class in my sophomore year and I wanted to keep up with my flute chop,” Bly said.  She thinks it is an advantage to know how to play more than one instrument especially in her profession (music).

Beside the adults, several of young children (sixth grader) came to support their teacher, Kimberly Meckes. When asked, the elementary students expressed how they “love Ms. Meckes music class,” and that is the reason why they came to see her.

Flute Ensemble night opened the doors for many alumni, students as well as the community to come together with the same purpose of the joy of music and having fun.

Allison Bicskei, a sophomore at Wilkes “plays flute because it is a very great de-stressor.”