Making the most out of summer

Dominick Constantino, A&E Online Staff

Some students at Wilkes University get an internship in the summer in order to gain experience in their given field, make connections and also earn college credit.

Many Wilkes University students make the most of nearly four months off in the summer by getting an internship.

The internship experiences are endless for students in the summer. Students should first decide where they want to live for the summer before looking for an internship according to Sharon Castano, head of the internship program here at Wilkes.

“Before you look for an internship you need to decide where you want to spend your summer especially if you live away from this area,” Castano said.

Many students opt to intern in the summer because of the extra time they have. For many, it is very hard to complete 150 hours of internship credit while also managing a full course schedule. Kerry Morton, rising senior business and accounting major, is interning over the summer because it was the only time that she would be able to complete the required number of hours.

“I have to complete a lot of hours for both of my majors,” Morton said. “It wouldn’t be possible for me to do that during the fall or spring semesters because of all my other classes.”

Morton is interning at First Quality in Hazelton. She will be interning forty hours a week for about nine weeks.

For those students still interested in interning this summer, it’s not too late. Castano will be available to work with students for a few more weeks. She encourages those students interested to make an appointment.

“I will be available to help students until the beginning of June,” she said. “I don’t recommend waiting that long because by that point most of the internships will be filled. Those who are interested should make an appointment with me, bring a draft of their resume, and have a plan as to where they might want to intern and what they would like to do.”

For more information on internships at Wilkes University, check out the Cooperative Education and Internship page on the Wilkes website.