Students party Mexican-style at study break event

Sarah Kennelly, Correspondent

IRHC club hosted event for students on May 3 to engage in fun activities, eat great food and relax before final’s week.

Every semester the Inter-Resident Hall Council hosts a study break party for Wilkes University Students. This semester the Mexican-themed event was called “South of the Border.”

The IRHC club chose this theme as a result of a group vote.

Mary Olson, IRHC vice president has been involved with the club since she was a freshman.

“My favorite theme was when I was a freshman we did a luau theme,” Olson said. “I was in charge of a fish pond stand where you make your own little fish bowl.”

The event was held on the first and second floors of the Student Union building.

Students decorated their own flower pots, took funny pictures of friends wearing Mexican hats and mustaches and watched as the band Los Fantasmas Del Norte played traditional Mexican music on the first floor.

“I enjoyed decorating my own flower pot,” student Michelle Kusma said. “I’m thinking of giving it to my mother as a present for Mother’s Day.

The second floor had free drinks and  food such as wings and tacos.

Students also had the opportunity to ride a mechanical bull. Although Chelsea Uselding fell off the bull within a few seconds, she said it was a lot of fun.

“It’s not something you get to do every day,” Uselding said. “If I got to ride a mechanical bull more often, I would probably be really good at it.”

Bethany Sharpless, president of the IRHC, said that typically between 600 and 800 students attend the study break parties each semester.

“This semester’s South of the Border brought in about 760 people,” Sharpless said. “It was a successful event and I hope the ones in the future are just as fun for students.”