‘Phlash’ mob takes over SUB

Laura Preby, Photography Editor

The first floor of the Henry Student Center was filled with pharmacy students on Thursday, Feb. 16, when a surprise “phlash” mob took place during club hours.  The mob was organized by Courtney Graham, a senior P2 pharmacy major, who wanted to do something unique to draw attention to the pharmacy program.

Students from different parts of the School of Pharmacy came together to interact and present to students what they’re all about, using poster boards and displays to inform students on heart health, diabetes, drug abuse and other health topics.  At exactly 11:30 a.m., the pharmacy students broke into their best dance moves and proved to Wilkes that not all pharmacists fit the serious, lab-coat-sporting stereotype.

“I got the idea from another pharmacy school, but we put our own spin on it,” Graham said.  “I talked to Meribeth (Derkach), who has a dance minor and is very good with music, about putting together the choreography.”

Junior P1 pharmacy major Meribeth Derkach not only choreographed the moves, but also mixed the music for the mob to dance to.  The songs she chose were “Party Rock Anthem,” by LMFAO and “This City,” by Patrick Stump.

“I wanted to do a dance everyone would be able to do, and they’d have fun with,” Derkach said.

The pharmacy students were recruited during their classes and those who wanted to participate practiced by attending two of six sessions organized by Graham and Derkach.

The mob was organized quickly.  With only two weeks of practice, the pharmacy students mastered their moves and pulled off their spontaneous performance to an audience full of their unsuspecting peers.

“I was very happy with the results,” Graham said.  “It was nice to see pharmacy students in a different light.”

Graham hopes the event will spark an interest in the pharmacy program and create and awareness for the health issues they are trying to address.