Students ‘like’ what they see on social media pages PART 2

Christine Lee, Life Editor

This is Part 2 of Wilkes’ Use of Social Media. In this part, Student Development and the Wilkes Alumni Association use Facebook for their benefits and to get their messages out.


Student Development coordinator Melissa Howells says Facebook allows students to engage with Student Development and the Colonel.

“We are where the students are and it gives us another outlet to communicate with them,” Howells, who administers both the Student Development and Colonel pages, said, “The Facebook page gives the Colonel a voice to be able to talk to students and gets spirit up.” (

Howells said Facebook allows students to participate actively with Student Development. For the Colonel, they want to make him more involved in student life and visible.

“It gives us an opportunity to let them know about things,” Howells says. “It’s also more prompt with updates.” (!/profile.php?id=100002332376260)

Associate Alumni director and alumni Facebook page administrator Bridget Husted said social media is good tool for connecting alumni across the country.

“Facebook has been an easy way for people to stay connected and learn about what’s happening on campus,” Husted said. “We wanted to utilize these social media tools to make it easier for alumni to stay connected.”

Husted said the alumni page has given the department the opportunity to connect with alums. (

“Alumni are more willing to interact with us through that venue and it has given us the chance to learn about them,” Husted said.

It is clear with Wilkes pages on Facebook and Twitter people can access information about events on campus with ease.


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