Scarves a fashionable way for all people to stay warm

Devoni Novak, A&E Editor

It’s the season for bundling and cold weather presents the perfect opportunity to add a trendy accessory to your wardrobe. With a variety of textures, colors and patterns, scarves are appropriate for any gender and age group. Scarves are a popular accent garment particularly among the Wilkes-Barre population.

Nour Elbattah, sophomore political science major, prefers colorful styles to create a dynamic look.

“I think scarves are a simple accessory that can really flare up any outfit,” Elbattah says. She enjoys searching for scarves at American Eagle, Urban Outfitters and Top Shop.

To create a look that’s hippie chic, select a paisley print and tie the draping pieces in a knot for a comfortable length. If you’re looking for warmth, choose a fluffy cotton scarf, place it around the back of your neck after folding it in half, and then place the loose ends through the fold created loop. Wearing the scarf this way allows it to surround your entire neck for a wind proof fit.

Going formal? Wear a satin or sheer style that is big enough to reach around your shoulders as a wrap.

Molly McDonough, senior political science major, says warm and sensible scarves are her favorite.

“I like winter scarves that match my hat and gloves,” McDonough says.

Although some may feel scarves are exclusively for women, they are also fashionably appropriate for men. When student were asked their opinion on men sporting the look, many had mixed feelings. For Caevaun DuBarry, junior English pre-law major, a scarf is necessary for the winter months.

“They keep you warm so they are fine,” DuBarry said.

DuBarry shops for his scarves at Express, H&M and different places in NYC. Other men are unwilling to take the fashion risk even if it means staying warm.

When senior political science major Miles Humenansky was asked if he owned a scarf he bluntly replied, “No, I’m a guy. I don’t need a scarf.”

Men can make the style statement without being self-conscious. Scarves are multi-purpose items that look great and serve practical means. Men’s styles include plaid patterns, stripes and solid neutral colors. For a clean cut, professional appearance, guys should select a wider scarf that reaches the waist, no folds or wrapping necessary. To create an indie rocker façade, go with a thin material version and wear it around the neck bandanna style and don’t fear the fringes.

Junior entrepreneurship major Nick Wesley prides himself on his high fashion wardrobe. With many statement pieces in his closest, he has a positive opinion on scarves as an accessory.

“I think scarves are a classic that have proved the test of time and will always be an accessory for both males and females,” Wesley said.





As colder temperatures roll in with the change of season, summer fashion staples are moving to the back of your closet for more weather appropriate clothing.
But who ever said one needs to sacrifice style to be warm?
This winter’s fashion trends allow for one to be cozy and snug while being chic. This seasons must have item is faux fur.
From runways to store shelves, faux fur can be worn on almost anything from coats to vests to boot covers.
“Anything fur is in this fall, it’s in high demand. I am even ordering fur cell phone covers that will make the perfect accessory for any outfit,” said Tanya Gilbert, owner of Park Avenue boutique in Kingston, Pa.
Other looks Gilbert says one  will see in her store this winter are bigger accessories such as rings, purses, snakeskin accessories, flared jeans, any length leather or suede boots and high heels.
“The higher the heel, the better,” Gilbert said, laughing.
Thick knits are a must have to battle the bitter elements of winter. They can be seen this season in alpine prints, cardigans and oversized cuts. But Gilbert cautions not to  limit this trend to sweaters, but  to also make sure you have thick knit scarves, hats and socks to keep you warm.
Bold colors are in style this season and bring life to any ensemble. One way to transform any drab winter outfit is with a pop of color from cold weather essentials such as hats and scarves.
If you want to be more daring try this trend in a monochromatic look, as seen on the runways.
Derive your outfit based on a single color hue base and extend it using its shades, tones and hints for a one color look.
Rice University student Kaitlin, a style blogger for “College Fashion”, has posted the latest tips on dressing for cold weather. She says her No. 1 rule is that layers are your new best friend.
“Most buildings on campus will try to overcompensate for the chilly weather outside by cranking up the heat inside. It’s a nice gesture, but if you’re not wearing layers, you can end up sweating through your classes,” she said.
She said layering in a casual way is easy: start with a tank or tee, add a cardigan or sweater and top it off with another jacket, scarf and/or a hat.
“You’ll still look cute and will be comfortable no matter where you go,” she said.