Off-Campus Council hopes students get saucy at Wing Wars

Holly Boyer, Assistant Life Editor

The Off Campus Council club has a popular event they successfully host every year coming up. They yearly Wing Wars will take place at 6:45 p.m. on Nov. 18.
Wing Wars has been popular in the past described junior earth and environmental science major Nick Wierman, who is also president of OCC. This event is highly popular because of one thing, free wings.
“A lot of people love wings, and a lot of great restaurants around here have great wings,” Wierman says.
Students show up ready to eat a bunch of wings and attempt to try all of the specialty flavors form each vendor. Students then vote for the best, and at the end of the event they tally the winner of who has the best wings.
“Usually, we get a lot in attendance, anywhere from about 300 to 500 people,” Wierman says.
Several familiar places in the area are bringing their wings Rodano’s, Januzzi’s and Bart & Urby’s. Other restaurants will include Chicken Coop, Whiskey Business and Anthracite Cafe, which has more than 40 sauces of flavors of wings.
This year the OCC will be purchasing 400 wings from each vendor, 100 mild from each, and 300 of that restaurants specialty flavor. The specialty flavor is what each restaurant feels is their best and unique to their place.
“We’ll have more variety (this year), but probably the same amount of wings,” Wierman says.
Sophomore biology major Casey Anzulavich, who attended the event last year noted how she is excited for it to be coming around next year.
“I love wings, so it was really cool to sample some of the different wings that are available around the area with being new last year,” Anzulavich says. “I am looking forward to going, cause they’re not only tasty, but they’re free!”
Wing wars will be held in the ballroom of the Student Union Center. Students are encouraged to get there early, because once the wings go, they’re gone.