Unimportant Questions with Important People: Shadae Gates, MSC President

Christine Lee, Life Editor

Year: Senior

Major: Political science and criminology

Hometown: Baltimore,Md.

What is the purpose of the Multicultural Student Coalition on campus?

The purpose is just basically to spread diversity in multiple ways and everyone understands other cultures. We try to showcase things like festivals they have in their home countries if they want to bring to campus and doing things like going on different trips.

What can we expect from this year’s MSC Fashion Show?

This year since the whole executive board is seniors, we are leaving it to our younger board to decide what it is they want to do with it and let them experience it more. It’s going to more of an 80’s theme; it’s not going to be as cultured as it is going to be something everyone can relate to.

TV shows you follow?

“Pretty Little Liars” and “JerseyShore.”

What is something we should understand about MSC and diversity affairs on campus?

Diversity isn’t always dependent on race. It can be depending on the different things that we do.

What are some of the things MSC is planning this year?

For this semester, we are doing the fashion show. We are doing a holiday party and we have one trip toNew York Citythis semester and next semester it might beBaltimore.

What is your favorite part about being MSC president?

I’m proud of the fact that every year we get to meet new people and we get to learn new things about people and ourselves. And just to know that you can have an impact on people in ways that you never thought you could. And any student can come to MSC and feel appreciated.

If you were in a band, what would the name be?

Ma band you listen!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would be and why?

It would definitely beChina. I took Chinese for four years in high school and I know the language and the culture I’m definitely interested in. I would love to see the fast-paced society.

Favorite dining services food?

A buffalo chicken wrap from Rifkin Café.

What do you envision for the future of MSC and diversity on campus?

It will be a lot more involved with the student body as well as faculty and that we can actually reach out by getting high schools involved in diversity and actually making a name for Wilkes by getting involved in the community.