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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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Programming Board welcomes all to Pickles-Barre

Emma Broda
From left, Aster Rowland, junior criminology major; Savannah Evanski, senior theater major; Alyssa Brown, first year psychology major; Abigail Malin, first-year psychology major; and Ozzie Priebe, first-year, history and sociology major take a break from pickle-eating to pose for a picture at Pickels-Barre.

On Feb. 8, Programming Board hosted Pickles-Barre in the MAC. The event had a wide variety of different pickles and pickle-flavored foods. In addition to the many snacks to try, students also participated in a pickleball competition.

Some of the pickles included bourbon maple pickles, dill pickles, sweet and sour pickles, bread and butter pickles and the TikTok famous chamoy pickle kit. While these were more classic flavors, the pickle flavored foods had a large assortment of flavors.

These included pickle chips, pickle flavored popcorn, pickle dip, pickle pizza, pickle ranch dressing, pickle flavored wings, relish for hot dogs, fried pickles, a pineapple pickle drink and a pickle margarita mocktail. Both pickle lovers, and surprisingly a number of pickle haters who were willing to change their minds, gathered to try the treats, hang out with friends and try to win the pickleball tournament.

Students shared both their favorite and least favorite snacks of the night. William Wolfgang, sophomore data science major, shared that his favorite of the spread were the bourbon maple pickles.

The TikTok famous chamoy pickle kit which contains one pickle, a fruit roll up, chamoy sauce and tajin powder.

Natalie Hernandez, senior accounting major, shared that she was a pickle lover, even saying that she “dips them in hummus,” and had been looking forward to the evening. Hernandez also shared that “The pickle wings were really good.”

Eza Chaudhry, senior business management and marketing major, said that her favorites were “pickle chips, because they taste like pickles without being too much.” Chaudhry also shared that her least favorite was the pickle margherita.

While pickles were the main star of the night, students also got to enjoy other foods like chicken tenders, onion rings and jalapeño poppers. After eating every variation of pickles and pickle flavored foods, students who never played pickleball before and regular players both got ready to play against each other in the pickleball competition.

Wolfgang was excited to participate in the competition as he shared, “I’m so hyped to play pickleball after eating my pickles. I’ve never played before, but I play tennis so I’m looking forward to it.”

Chaudhry also shared that she had never played before but was “so excited.”

From left to right: Ellie Schreiner, junior early education major, and Alexis Reedy, junior nursing major, playing pickleball. (Emma Broda)

Whether students were self-proclaimed pickle lovers or pickle haters, everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy the huge spread of pickles and pickle flavored foods, and had fun playing pickleball in a friendly competition.

While “Pickles-Barre” is not nearly as famous as “Pickles-burgh”, it was still a night of love for pickles and fun.