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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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Programming board gives out hoodies for homecoming

Morgan Steiner
Executive and general members of the programming board pose with their new hoodies to celebrate a job well done.

Programming board gave away Wilkes University hoodies for their Thursday event. The table opened at 11:30 a.m and eight minutes later, more than 100 hoodies had been given away.

Members of the campus community welcomed the giveaway and found the change of pace exciting compared to their usual Thursday night events.

“I love pop up events,” said Adrianna Aziz, sophomore pharmacy major. “I think they’re a great opportunity for the community to get involved and immersed in Wilkes culture.”

Members of the general board were also excited about the giveaway.

The crowd awaiting the giveaway on the first floor of the student center. Students lined up during club hours to secure their own hoodie. (Morgan Steiner)

“We don’t have to hopefully get bingo or get a raffle ticket to win,” said Aiden Allen, sophomore history and secondary education major. “Everybody gets something.”

There were several changes in the way this giveaway functioned compared to those of years past. First, instead of branding the hoodie with “programming board,” the sweatshirt instead promotes the school.

“Wilkes University” was written in bold across the front, followed by the programming board logo which goes down the arm.

“I do like this item,” said Aziz.

Her sentiment was echoed by Natalia Williams, a first-year Spanish major and general board member.

“They’re so cute and it’s nice because it’ll get colder outside,” said Williams.

Another change was implementing numbers. As students got in line, they were given a number with their spot in line. Their WIN numbers were collected and they handed the number back in. This was to ensure that no students were skipping the line.

In addition, the giveaway was moved to the second floor which is a rarity for giveaways.

“[The event was] very well organized and it ran really smoothly,” said Williams.

From left to right, first-year students Jada Michel, Ashlyn Smith, Ella Villani, Elena DiScullio and sophomore Mackenzie Edgar were the first in line after the event moved upstairs.

The new changes were very well received, by members of the community and the programming board.

“(It) gets some energy into the crowd. It really gives people a chance to get free Wilkes swag if they can’t afford it,’ said Allen.