Student Government elections

Meet the candidates for president

Editor’s note: AJ Rubino is a staff writer for The Beacon. The Beacon does not endorse any candidates in the election.

Elections are open for Wilkes University’s student body president along with the president for all mega councils on campus, until March 23. Voting is open to all students and is available through an email sent last Thursday via [email protected]

There are two candidates for student body president: junior Megan Makovsky and sophomore AJ Rubino. 

Makovsky, a pharmacy P1 student, has been in student government since she arrived at Wilkes. She began as a class representative, then moved to the sophomore class secretary in her sophomore year. She now sits as the executive recording secretary.

“What I love most about SG is that I love being able to make a positive impact in the lives of the students at Wilkes,” Makovsky said. “SG’s motto is ‘By the students, for the students’, and helping clubs get started, funding cool trips and programs, and planning fun events for our students are what I truly enjoy most by being a part of SG.” 

Her past experiences also include being a resident assistant, e-mentor and honors student. 

Makovsky believes that she should be student body president because of the experience she has and the different leadership styles she has observed. 

Rubino, a sophomore communication studies major, has also been in SG since they arrived at Wilkes. They began as a class representative and now sit as the sergeant-in-arms. 

“Upon reflection, I always wanted to be the voice for people,” said Rubino. “I am very people-oriented so being able to be a part of an organization that helps benefit the student body as a whole was a part of the puzzle piece to the whole idea of change. People are always changing and with that, the world follows suit as well. However, change can only happen if change is voiced. Thus, being able to be a voice for many and being able to be reliable is one of the many reasons I joined Student Government.”

They said that a big reason why they wanted to run for student body president was to strengthen the bond between SG and the students of the university. Rubino said they want to ensure that the students’ voices are heard. They feel that there is a lack of communication between the students and the university. 

 “I am not afraid to stand up for what is correct and stand up for what others may not be able to do,” Rubino said.

Elections will close Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. The winner will take the place of current president, Alexi Payne, in the fall semester. Payne will be graduating this May.