Student Government: Nov. 11 weekly meeting notes

Maddy Kinard, Staff Writer

Student Government held its eleventh virtual meeting on Nov. 11, in which they discussed a fund request, a contract renewal and feedback for the committee. 

First, Lambda Kappa Sigma gave a presentation regarding a fund request for their first aid event. During the event, Lambda Kappa Sigma will help Junior Girl Scouts earn their first aid badge. The event is set to take place over three days in January and would be held over Zoom. To further comply with COVID-19 guidelines, the necessary materials will be provided and distributed by their troop leaders. 

Overall, the total expenditures would come to around $637.98. The classes broke out into five-minute discussions and agreed that the money would be going towards a good cause. LKS will return to Student Government next week for a recap and to see if their fund request passes. 

Next, Student Body President Kevin Long gave a presentation on the Presence contract renewal. Presence is an app online service, which allows clubs to track membership. It is used for tracking any sort of data a club would want to know about people coming to an event. The annual subscription cost is $10,000, which would come out of Capital Projects, not Student Government’s spending budget.

Long prompted the council to consider that if they were to pay full and upfront, Presence would take 10 to 20 percent off the annual rate. Not only that, features are being added, such as a Zoom component. It could also be made a requirement that all clubs must use Presence. Next week, an agent from Presence will come to present, and a vote will then be made. 

TREC Committee representative Faizan Ali requested feedback from the council regarding the best way to get students to fill out student response survey evaluations. 

Due to the evaluations being online given the multitude of hybrid and completely online classes, there has been a decline in completed forms. Student Government suggested adding a slot on LIVE for SRS evaluations, so that way students can easily see that they are available. It was also recommended to give out gift cards or enter students into a raffle every time an SRS evaluation is completed. 

As the end of the semester nears, Nov. 11 was the last day for in-person events. Programming Board held bingo for their last virtual event on Nov. 12, which was their biggest bingo with roughly $4,000 in prizes. Commuter Council is also planning on having an end of the semester dinner.